Who are good companions for a Cloud-based team?

  1. Have Ignis BSB, Tyro Awakening and Zack’s CSB.

    User Info: f2pwn

    f2pwn - 2 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Cloud USB1 has 100% crit, and BDL to 99,999. So you want to give him enwind, then spam wind-based SBs, since enwind gives 80% boost to SB damage. Goes even higher with enwind stacking if you have his glint.

    Means you need 2 additional things: SB meter; and crit damage+. SB meter is easy: bring an entrust bot. Crit damage is easy: bring Zack CSB.

    Ignis 100% crit would be wasted on cloud, but his crit damage+ and IC1 buffs are things Cloud would love. So if you have a second dps like Zidane or Bartz, have Ignis give them the 100% crit.

    Tyro probably a bit of a waste with Cloud.

    User Info: Jack-ums

    Jack-ums - 2 months ago 1   0

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