6 star to 8 Star?

  1. Ok so I got a 6 star weapon ultra cross slash for cloud and I have gotten it three times however I combined it three times and it stayed a 7 star do I need two 7 stars for an 8?or should I have fully agumented the 7 star first?how do I turn a 6 into an 8

    User Info: OhHiMark2

    OhHiMark2 - 1 year ago
  2. The weapon was a 6 star not a 5 star I want to know how to turn it into an 8 star

    User Info: OhHiMark2

    OhHiMark2 - 1 year ago


  1. You've done all the combining/upgrading you need to, now you need to reforge it using a dark matter (5* in this case). That will make it an 5+++ (8*). Dark matter can be bought in the Gysahl shop.

    Once you've reforged you can upgrade it once more and that weapon will be maxed out.

    User Info: Very_Snappy

    Very_Snappy - 1 year ago 1   1

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