This isn't just baseball... but baseball where you control all the action! Two 9-man teams play a full 9-inning game with the strategy of real Major League Baseball. It's all here from the crack of the bat to the simulated roar of the crowd... and YOU control it all! You control the pitch... fast balls, slow balls, curve balls, changes of pace! You control the runners and fielders... run around the bases, go for a steal, try a hit and run, throw the ball to the right base. You do the batting... bunt, hit to the opposite field, hit an out-of-the-park home run! Computerized scoring shows strikes, balls, outs, innings and game score.

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#17 lowest rated INTV sports game (#80 on INTV, #28808 overall)


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#13 easiest INTV sports game (#37 on INTV, #16825 overall)


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#11 longest INTV sports game (#19 on INTV, #21102 overall)


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