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The home video system comes of age. Never before has a home video system offered such vividly exciting and challenging game action.

Realistic graphics. The Intellivision game characters actually have arms, legs, heads and hands. They run out onto the field when you press "reset." They pass, catch, jump and dribble.

Realistic action. The players are in proportion to the size of the field, and the field often "scrolls" from one end to another, so you always have a close-up view of the action.

Challenging games. Conventional video games often have limited strategic options. But the powerful built-in Intellivision computer offers far more video game variety. The NFL Football cartridge, for example, features more than 180 plays for passing, running tackling, and intercepting.

A lot more fun. Intellivision has video games for everyone. Choose from major league sports excitement, Las Vegas-style gaming, rousing battle action, adventures in outer space, children's learning programs and classic strategy games.

And a whole lot more. Each Intellivision comes with custom game overlays for your game controls. So you spend more time enjoying the game and less time figuring it out. Intellivision is as easy to connect as a "rabbit ears" TV antenna. Just attach the switch box to your TV antenna connection, plug in a couple of wires, and enjoy. Then when you feel like watching regular TV programming, just flick the switch.

Quality and value. A lot more than conventional video game systems. Better graphics. Better sound effects. More realistic video game action. And a beautifully engineered product that will provide you years of fun, games and family entertainment.

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