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Reviewed: 04/19/05

Get Inside a Patient and Blow Away Their Disease...

WARNING: This game is old. If you are expecting a modern-day game with 3D graphics, may I suggest that you look to another platform. I am rating this game based on nostalgia factor, as well as its level of fun today.

And So It Starts...

Choose the severity of the patient you are going to work on. Enter their body through the nose, piloting a nanotechnology vehicle that can dispense radiation, aspirin, and antibiotics. Use their medical chart to check the parts of their body that are in critical condition and need your help.

You need to remove plaque from arteries, stones from the kidneys, tumors from the brain, and free floating viruses as they move throughout the body. You can check how your patient is doing and find out how much the total hospital bill will be!


This is one of the games for which knowing the controller overlay is crucial, because the developers really worked hard on exploiting the hardware to the fullest. You need to know the different buttons to make sure you are administering the appropriate "treatment" for the disease you are facing.

The game controls very well, much like a space shooter but inside a body instead of in outer space. The buttons are responsive and the small ship on the screen moves in response to the disc,

Graphics and Sound

The imagery of the human body from this game actually helped me in the anatomy portions of my later biology classes. It is accurate, despite only being 2D. The graphics are primitive by today's standards, but all the different colors and moving diseases crack me up to this day.

The sounds are surprisingly satisfying. When you successfully hit plaque, it makes a sound I can only describe as a "bouncing" noise. When you get rid of a tumor, another rewarding sound erupts. The constant heartbeat of the patient can be heard beeping in the background -- quickly if they are alive, slowly if they are closer to being healthy.

Will This Gather Dust?

I have to admit that I don't play this game on a regular basis. I can say that every time I hook up my system, this is one fo the first games that I grab to play.

Overall Recommendation:
Buy this if:
* You like anatomy or medicine.
* You liked Space Battle or Star Strike.
* You played it when you were young. It's still as good.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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