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FAQ by IceQueenZer0

Updated: 02/17/12

----------------------------------[ CONGO BONGO ]------------------------------
--------------------------------- [ COMMODORE 64 ]-----------------------------
--------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]----------------------------


If you played Donkey Kong by Nintendo then you will recognize this game as an
early Sega attempt to rival Nintendo before their console war even started. You
play as some sarfari man who is seeking revenge against Congo Bongo for setting
your tent ablaze. There are no damsels in distress to rescure but you are more
or less playing a 3D version of Donkey Kong with movements that are made at 45
degree angle diagonals instead of your average up, down, left, and right type
of movement.

Aside from the Arcade, this has been released to several systems: VIC-20, MSX,
TI-99, SG-1000, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit, Colecovision, PC-DOS, and
Intellivision from what I have gathered so far. Only the Commodore 64 version
has all 4 levels whereas the others have 2 or 3 levels in them.

Congo Bongo and its characters are trademarks of Sega and all of its copyrights
belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
Ice Queen Zero (or the Zophar Queen if you prefer) and cannot be put on other
sites or posted without my given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper

For more guides by myself visit this link:


The trickster gorilla, Bongo, has burned down the tent that you were sleeping
in and now it is up to you to get revenge on him.


You control the safari man with the joypad but it is offset by 45 degrees so if
it is a best idea to use a gamepad to play this game and tilt it so you can go
in that desired direction. There is also a button you can use to jump over your


There are 4 stages in the game and they can be played at different skill levels
and if you beat them all, you can go to the next skill level.

                                     STAGE 1

The first level seems to be the toughest level of them all. You play somewhat
of a 3-D version of Donkey Kong. The only difference here is that he is just
throwing coconuts down at you instead of barrels. It is just a little bit tough
to negotiate through the course since you are moving in diagonals. Start off by
moving up/left and climb up the mountain until you are level with the bridge.
Go down/right across the bridge and slide down the slope. In the Colecovision
game, you slide and knock a monkey off the edge. Go up/right and jump over the
river and climb your way up. Go to the river. In some ports the monkeys will be
jumping on your back and knock you off the ledge. In other ports, they'll leave
you alone as you jump across the river. Try to avoid the next few coconuts and
climb up where the arrow is to finish the level.

                                     STAGE 2

This level is a quickie. Stay away from the scorpions then hop over the lake and
make your way to the northeast and hop over the snakes if one charges at you.
Get onto the hippo and hop to saftey and Bongo retreats.

                                     STAGE 3

The rhinos are a charging in this one. Move out of the way when they do. If you
need a safe spot, jump into one of the holes and hide momentarily but it's not a
safe spot for long as the headhunter will pop out of a random hole and fill it
in. Don't be in one of those holes or you are dead. Once past the rhinos, climb
up the ledge and Bongo retreats yet again.

                                     STAGE 4

Look at Bongo sleeping like a baby. Now it's your turn to pay him back for the
prank he pulled on you. Move forward and jump on either of lily pad or a hippo
and take either one to the rock. Lily pads are safer as they will not sink into
the water if stand one of them too long. Once you have safe ground, hop through
two fish and get to dry land. Hop over the rhinos charging through and climb up
the ledge and now it's Bongo's turn to burn. Ti ji ji~!! ^v^


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-Ice Queen Zero

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