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Reviewed: 04/19/05

Run from the Condiments...RUN!

WARNING: This game is old. If you are expecting a modern-day game with 3D graphics, may I suggest that you look to another platform. I am rating this game based on nostalgia factor, as well as its level of fun today.

And So It Starts...

I can still remember the day I got this game, shortly after its original release. I saw the cover art and wondered why I would ever want to be a chef running from condiments... I suppose this can best be described as the nightmare of a short order cook, running away from the eggs, pickles, and hot dogs that haunt you in life. The only way to escape from them is to complete hamburgers by running over super-sized buns, burger patties, and toppings.


You use the disc to run your chef back and forth, up and down ladders. The side buttons can be used to shake pepper at your enemies, temporarily stunning them. The controls are very responsive by Intellvision standards, but it is important to look at where you are facing when you push the pepper shaking button, because it doesn't have the hair-trigger response more recent games offer.

Graphics and Sound

This game has graphics reminiscent of Donkey Kong, with its blue-grey girders and ladders. The "enemy" graphics are quite novel, with different types of condiments chasing you. The pickle slice appears to rotate horizontally in space, as if it really were walking forward and chasing you.

The music is very repetitive, but blends in to the game action when you play. People watching may get very irritated by it, and want to throw things at the television, because it is not exactly melodic. The pepper shaking sound is very satisfying and makes me want to shake it over and over. The bizarre hum that eminates when you are out of pepper is very weird, but certainly tells you that you are out of pepper.

Will This Gather Dust?

If this was ported to a more recent platform, I would still play it. As it stands now, this game is what inspires me to dig out my old system.

Overall Recommendation:
Buy this if:
* You liked Pac-Man, Lock 'n' Chase, or Ms. Pac-Man.
* You want to play one of the original platformers.
* You are in the food preparation industry.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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