What are Badges?

Badges are awards given to users on GameFAQs for performing activities and contributing content to the site. It's a fun way to encourage users to be active on the site and reward them for doing so.

What are the different kinds of Badges, and how can I earn them?

You can view the full list of public badges on our Badge List page, with all of the levels and requirements to get each one. Badges are awarded daily at midnight UTC on any day you log into the site.

Where can I see the badges that I or other users have earned?

Badges are displayed on each user's Community profile home page, with a link you can click to view additional details.

Are there any secret or hidden Badges?

Yes. Secret Badges are orange in color, and are awarded based on special circumstances. Private Badges have a silver outline, and are not visible to anybody but yourself on your own profile. Badges may be both Secret and Private.

How do I stop people from viewing my Badges?

You can adjust who can view your Badges on your Privacy Settings page.