What is a Community Board?

Community Boards are message boards on GameFAQs created and maintained by its own community members. GameFAQs users can create Community Boards on almost any subject, make them public or private, and enforce their own standards for membership and moderation.

What are the rules for using a Community Board?

All Community Boards must follow and enforce the GameFAQs Terms of Use, specifically the provisions on Offensive Material (no pornography, hate speech, or sexualization of minors), Illegal Activities (unauthorized dissemination of Copyrighted material), Harassment (posting of personally identifiable information, using a board to target an individual or group for harassment), Plot Spoilers (unmarked spoilers on a publicly viewable board), and Disruptive Behavior (when a disruption is allowed to expand outside of the community).

Beyond the Terms of Use, Community Board Owners and Leaders may enforce the Board Etiquette or any other rules they choose to create at their own discretion.

What are Community Board Owners, Leaders, and Members?

The Owner of a Community Board is either the user who initially created it, or a Leader who had ownership passed down to them. The Owner of a board can change its settings (such as its name, type, and level restrictions), as well as promoting and demoting Leaders.

Leaders of a Community Board are promoted by the Owner and are responsible for helping maintain the community. Leaders can moderate posts and topics, invite or remove members, and blacklist problem users.

Members of a Community Board can create topics and post messages on that board regardless of their user level.

How do I get access to a Community Board?

Each Community Board has its own requirements for gaining access. Owners can set a minimum level to read, post messages, and create topics on a board, as well as restrict some or all of those activities to invited Members.

Both private and semi-public Community Boards may be accepting requests for invitations, and that will be shown to you when you attempt to access the board.

How does moderation work on a Community Board?

Community Board Owners and Leaders are responsible for deleting all posted Terms of Use violations as listed above, as well as forwarding severe violations to the GameFAQs Moderators for further review.

Outside of enforcing the Terms of Use, Community Board Owners and Leaders may delete (or choose not to delete) any post or topic as they see fit, for any reason at all. Each board (and each leader) may have different guidelines on what should or shouldn't be deleted, and they have the final say on what can be posted on each board.

Community Board moderations do not cause loss of Karma or other site privileges, except when a severe Terms of Use violation is forwarded and acted on by a member of the GameFAQs moderation team.

What does blacklisting mean on a Community Board?

Any Community Board Owner or Leader can blacklist any user at any time for any reason. Blacklisting a user prevents them from being able to read or post messages on that board, regardless of their level. The decision on whether or not to blacklist a user rests solely with the Owners and Leaders of that board, and Owners and Leaders are free to share their decisions about blacklisting users publicly or privately.

What do I do if I'm having issues with a Community Board?

If you own a Community Board and would like to discuss information and issues with other owners, you can use the Community Board Owners board.

If you have issues with a Community Board not following or enforcing the site's Terms of Use, you can use our Community Board feedback form.

Please note that GameFAQs staff will typically never interfere with or override the decisions of board Owners and Leaders, except when those decisions are made contrary to the site's Terms of Use.

How can I create my own Community Board?

At this time, Level 33 board users can create their own Community Board. We will add more users over time, eventually expanding to a final set of requirements that will be publicly announced.

What kind of Community Board can I create?

There are several different categories of Community Boards you can create. There are three categories of boards for discussing specific topics:

  • Gaming boards are meant for the topical discussion of games; you can create a board to discuss a single aspect of a single game, games from a single publisher, games published on a given console, or anything in between.
  • Entertainment boards are meant for the topical discussion of other forms of entertainment: TV shows, books, movies, anime, fictional universes, or any other kind of media.
  • Other Topics boards are meant as a catch-all for any other kind of topical discussion: news, politics, religion, advice, and more.

You can also create other specialized Community Boards:

  • Clans and Guilds boards are designed to allow you to host a private board for your in-game clan or guild. You can fully control membership and enforce your own rules, allowing for a safe, secure, and free space for discussion.
  • Social boards can be about anything at all. Public or private, invite your friends or grow a community on your own.
  • Blogs are a platform for you to have your own voice. By allowing only members (just yourself, and maybe someone else you trust) to create topics, you can have a public blog with comments you allow and/or control.
  • Private boards are just that; private message boards with membership restricted to a small group of users.

What are my responsibilities as the Owner of a Community Board?

  • Following and Enforcing the GameFAQs Terms of Use: The subject of your Community Board must follow the Terms of Use, and you must ensure that posts and topics that severely violate the TOU are deleted and reported to the site's moderation staff. While some leeway may be granted depending on how public or private the board is, pornography, copyright violations, hate speech, and harassment must be dealt with quickly and clearly.
  • No Unwanted Advertising or Spamming Invitations: You may not advertise your board in a manner contrary to the GameFAQs Terms of Use, or any other site's Terms of Use where you choose to promote your board; do not advertise your board where it is not allowed. In addition, you may not invite users to your board in a random or automated manner; membership invitations should not be sent to people you don't know or who have not expressed any interest in your board.
  • Monitoring the Board: If you are the Owner of a Community Board, you are ultimately responsible for what is posted on it. Failure to monitor the board for violations or other issues may result in loss of ownership or removal of the board.

What do all of the Community Board settings do?

When you create or already own a Community Board, you can make requests to change any of the below settings. Change and Creation requests are always reviewed by a Site Administrator to ensure that the community follows the Terms of Use and is categorized correctly.

  • Name, Type, and Description: You can request a change to your board's name and/or description, as long as those names are not in violation of the site's Terms of Use or Board Etiquette guidelines. The Type of your board should match the actual discussion meant to take place on the board, and should not be expected to change.
  • Membership/Level Settings: You can set the minimum levels of users required in order to be able to read the board, post messages, and create topics, depending on what kind of audience you'd like for your board. Some example settings are:
    • A normal topical discussion board: Anybody can read, All Active Users can post messages and create topics.
    • A topical discussion board on a mildly controversial subject: Anybody can read, Regular Users can post and create topics.
    • A topical discussion board about a highly controversial subject: Novice Users can read, Members Only can post messages and create topics.
    • A blog: Anybody can read, Active Users can post messages, Members Only can create topics.
    • A clan or private board: Members Only can read, post messages, and create topics.
  • Other Settings: There are several additional settings for your board:
    • Topicality means that posts can be marked as Off-Topic, and should be set to "Yes" for Gaming, Entertainment, and Other Topics boards.
    • Discoverable means that your board will be listed in the category browser, and your board and topics from it may be featured on the site. If your board is not Discoverable, users will only be able to find it by someone else's posted link or by typing in the URL.
    • Requestable means that your board is accepting requests for membership invitations. If you'd like to restrict who can read and/or post on the board but want new members, setting this to "Yes" allows potential users to request invitations.
    • Archivable determines whether or not old topics are purged from the system (actually deleted, with no means of recovery) or archived (closed, but left readable indefinitely).
  • Transfer Ownership: If you no longer want to be responsible for a Community Board, you can transfer your ownership to one of the Leaders of your board. Bear in mind that you may only be the Owner of one Community Board at any time.

What are the limitations of a Community Board?

A Community Board may have no more than 2000 invited Members, 10 Leaders, and 1 Owner. The maximum size of a Blacklist is 1000 users.

A single user may be the Owner of only one Community Board, and may be the Leader of no more than 10 Community Boards. Using multiple accounts to evade these restrictions is not permitted.

What happens to my Community Board if I stop maintaining it?

If you go an extended period of time without visiting your own Community Board, or if there is a consistent issue with Terms of Use violations, GameFAQs reserves the right to transfer ownership to an active Leader of that board. If there are no active leaders, ownership may be granted to an active user. If there is no activity on the board, the board may be removed.

Board Leaders may also be automatically demoted after an extended period of inactivity.

How do I close or delete my Community Board?

If you want to close down your Community Board, you should set all levels to Members Only, demote all Leaders, remove all Members except yourself, and set Archivable to "No". This will allow the board to "empty" itself over time, and it will eventually be removed due to inactivity.