What is a Formatted FAQ?

A Formatted FAQ is a new way to have your FAQ posted on GameFAQs. Instead of using plain text, you can now use limited HTML elements to make your guides easier to follow and use. Formatted FAQs have an auto-generated table of contents, automatic pagination (to avoid users having to load up a 1MB file into their browser), and can use basic HTML constructs like headers, tables, lists, and highlight boxes.

How do I create a Formatted FAQ?

To create a Formatted FAQ, we provide an online editor. Instead of having to manage traditional .txt files on your computer or working with the Formatted FAQ markup directly, you can use the Formatted FAQ Editor to do it all with simple button clicks and keyboard shortcuts as you type. As of the third version of the editor, rolled out in September 2017, there are several features that are only available by using the editor.

We also offer some basic markup that can be used to create a foundation for your Formatted FAQ. You will be required to upload your markup into the editor before you can submit it to the site. Please review your guide in the editor to ensure that it looks like how you think it should.

What features are included with the Formatted FAQ Editor?

All documents created in the editor support UTF-8, meaning we allow Japanese/Chinese characters and other extended ASCII symbols to appear properly. The following features are part of the editor (last updated September 2017):

  • Headers (levels 4-5)
  • Bold, Italic, Underline, Inline Spoiler, Superscript, Subscript
  • Highlighted block
  • Horizontal Rule
  • Bullet/Numeric Lists
  • Indentation
  • Change text color
  • Highlight text
  • Text alignment: left, center, right, justify
  • Insert tables
  • Insert/edit images
  • Create links to other sections
  • Insert special characters
  • Insert timestamp

If you are uploading markup into the editor, you will need to re-upload your images and manually place them again.

Are there any requirements for using the editor?

You simply need to be logged in with your account to access it, as with most of Contributor Central.

As for browser requirements, generally if you are using the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari with JavaScript enabled, you should be fine. We strongly discourage using Internet Explorer as the editor may not function properly in that browser.

How is my work in the editor saved?

You must manually save, either by clicking the "Save Document" button above the editor or pressing Ctrl+S.

Can I download content from the editor into a text file?


How do I submit a FAQ that I saved in the editor?

Go to the Submit a File page as you normally would, and pick either a new game or an existing file to update. When you get to the part where you can upload your file, a new option will appear next to it, provided you have saved editor documents in the system. You can choose the "Choose FAQ Editor Document" option, then select the title of your document in the dropdown menu.

Upon submission, you will be able to preview your Formatted FAQ as usual. There is no need to re-upload images that you placed in your document, they will be processed automatically on our end.

How do I upload images using the editor?

In the editor, click on the Image icon to make the Insert Image popup appear. There, click on the folder icon to the right of Source, and you will go to the Image Manager unique to your current document. You can upload one or many images at once; only GIF and PNG formats are accepted, and the maximum width allowed is 750 pixels. Wider images will be automatically resized after being uploaded. After you upload some images, you will see thumbnails of your images appear in the space below. Simply click on the image to select it, exiting the Image Manager.

In this version of the editor, captions are no longer displayed below images. Instead, text added to the Image Description field will be displayed when the image is hovered over. The size dimensions will be automatically filled in, though you are welcome to manually adjust them as you see fit. Finally, you can choose your image's alignment. It can be floated to the left or right, or set to inline, which means the image will appear without any formatting. The inline option is good for adding icons to tables and within other text blocks in your FAQ. When you are done, click the "Ok" button to insert your image.

There is no upper limit as to how many images you can have in a FAQ. You are encouraged to use images to show information not easily doable in text, such as marking hidden items on maps, maze solutions, and so forth. While there is no limit on images allowed, you should try not to overuse them as well, since it increases the time it takes for your FAQ to fully load and can prove distracting to the reader.

How do I create lists and nested lists using the editor?

You start by selecting the type of list you want to use by clicking the button on the toolbar. After entering your first item, hit Enter to automatically add another item to the list below. If you are done adding to the list, simply toggle off the selected list button or use the keyboard shortcut to return to entering regular text.

While you are in a list, you can also create a nested list, or a list within a list. To do this, press Tab and you will go one level deeper. To go back a level, press Shift + Tab.

What are the available keyboard shortcuts when using the editor?

In lieu of pressing buttons, there are some handy keyboard shortcuts available to make the writing process flow more easily. Here is a list of the currently available shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+#: Header (4 or 5)
  • Ctrl+B: Bold
  • Ctrl+F: Find and Replace
  • Ctrl+H: Horizontal Rule
  • Ctrl+I: Italic
  • Ctrl+K: Insert Link
  • Ctrl+M: Insert/edit Image
  • Ctrl+Q: Inline Spoiler
  • Ctrl+S: Save Document
  • Ctrl+U: Underline
  • Ctrl+W: Insert Video

I can't get out of highlighted blocks after adding one. Is there a way out?

Yes, simply press Enter twice.

I found a bug with the editor, what can I do?

If you find any issues while using the editor, please submit a feedback ticket.