I try to log in and nothing happens. What's going on?

If you enter your username and password, but the system does not log you in or give you an error message, then you are either not storing or not sending cookies to GameFAQs. You must have cookies enabled to log in to GameFAQs. Some browser security settings can stop your browser from using cookies, so you may need to adjust your system settings.

Additionally, having your computer's time and date set wildly incorrectly (i.e. several months or years ahead of the actual date) can cause problems staying logged in.

What do I do if I forget my username/password and/or my email address?

You must have access to one or the other. If you have forgotten both login your email address and your username/password combination, there is almost no way for you to prove that you are indeed the original account owner.

If you have only forgotten your username or password, use the lost password form to have your username and password mailed to you.

If you have only forgotten your email address, you can simply log in using your username instead of the email address.

Additionally, if it has been several years since your last login, your account may no longer be active and listed in our database. You can verify whether or not your account is still active by using the "Find a User" feature of the GameFAQs User Directory.

If you have used all of the above resources and still cannot access your account, you may fill out the Login Issues feedback form.

I no longer use the email listed on my account. Can you still send me my password?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to confirm that an account belongs to a particular person is through the private email address they have listed on the account. If you choose not to keep that information up to date, there is no way we can verify that the account actually belongs to you.

I believe someone else is using my account, what can I do?

If you are still logged in to the account, the very first thing you should do is change your password. Since most accounts are compromised through password resets sent to a compromised email account, you should also take immediate steps to secure your email, and you may also want to change it to a more secure address as well.

If you are still logged in but cannot change your password, you should immediately change your email address and then request a password reset.

You then should fill out the lost account feedback form in order to request your account be locked down and resecured. Even if you believe you have secured your account back from the hacker, you should still fill out a feedback form, as your account may still be vulnerable until your old login cookies are invalidated.

Can I change my account name?

If your account is two years or older and you meet a very specific set of circumstances, it may be possible to change your name. For more information, see the feedback form here. Outside of this criteria, account names may not be changed. If you are unhappy with your username, you may register a new account with your desired name.

I was contacted by someone at GameFAQs asking for my password. Should I give it to them?

Nobody from GameFAQs will ever ask for your password, under any circumstances. If someone claims to be from GameFAQs and is asking for your account information, it's more than likely that it's someone trying to break into your account.

How do I delete my account?

Depending on how "deleted" you want your account to be, there are several different ways to remove your contributions to the site, delete any personally identifiable information, and render your account unusable, depending on exactly what you want to accomplish.

  • To remove your contributions from GameFAQs, you can simply visit the Contributor Central and go to "Request Contribution Removal". Note that you can only remove your copyrighted content. Things that you cannot copyright (cheats, images, data) cannot be removed. If you do not want your name or alias associated with these other contributions, you can fill out a contributor feedback form and ask that your contributions be anonymized.
  • To remove your personally identifiable information from GameFAQs, you can modify your personal profile and change any identifiable information there. You still must leave something in the fields, but it does not have to be genuine. You might also want to remove anything you've publicly listed in your Message Board profile or contact information, as well as any information you've posted on your contributor page.
  • To remove your message board posts, you can simply visit each of your posts and delete them.
  • To close your message board account, simply fill out this feedback form.
  • To completely delete your account, once your message board account has been closed for 30 days, you may request that your account be deleted with this feedback form.