How does the Poll of the Day work?

The Poll of the Day has been a running feature on the home page of GameFAQs since 1999. Every day at 9pm Pacific Time, a new poll question is asked and any site visitor can vote on it. The poll is completely unscientific and the results should not be cited in any serious research, but that doesn't make them any less interesting.

I got an error message saying I already voted, but I didn't, what's going on?

Anonymous votes in the poll (for users who are not logged in) are restricted to one per IP address, so another member of your household may have already voted. Certain ISPs (AOL, Shaw, and many smaller ISPs in Singapore and other countries) share IP addresses between users, so if this is the case you will not be able to vote anonymously. However, if you register for a free GameFAQs Account and log in, you will always have your vote recorded, regardless of how many other people share your IP.

How often are the poll results updated?

After the first five minutes of a new poll, which are shown in real-time, vote totals are updated every five minutes.

How can I suggest an idea for a future poll?

You can submit your idea by using this form.