What is My Games?

My Games is a game tracking system on GameFAQs that allows you to track games you're playing, games that you own, and games that you've beaten. You can also rate games, and get emails or private messages when new FAQs or codes are posted for a game.

How do I add games to my collection?

You must be logged in to track and add games to your collection, and you must have JavaScript enabled for GameFAQs in your browser. On every game or system page on GameFAQs, you can click the "Home" tab to see your collection options. Whenever you click an icon or click a button, the status is automatically saved into our database. However, you must manually save any Notes you add for a game by clicking the "Save Notes" button.

How do I quickly add all my games to my collection?

You can use the Collection Builder, available from the main My Games tab at the top of the page. The Collection Builder allows you to go step-by-step, first by adding every game you've ever played or owned, then rating all of the other options available for each of those games one at a time.

The Collection Builder also includes the Import Tool, which allows you to add in a typed list of games from other sources to your collection.

What is the "Now Playing" list?

The Now Playing list lets you keep track of the games you're currently playing. You can have up to 20 games on your Now Playing list, and you'll always be asked if you're still playing a game if you haven't updated its My Games page for a month.

What is my "Hot List"?

The Hot List is a list of games you can quickly jump to from any page on the site. On the Advanced Site Options page, just select Yes for "Show My Games Link in Header" and your Hot List will be available by hovering over the My Games link in the site header.

What is my "Wish List"?

Your Wish List is a list of games you want to own. In the future, we plan to show a price list of games in your Wish List, and you can use that list to keep track of how much it would cost you to buy that game.

What do the "Beaten It" icons mean? How can you beat a game without an ending?

They come from the classic arcade game Pac-Man: the Cherry is the first level's fruit bonus, Strawberry for level 2, the Apple is level 5, and the Key is the last unique bonus icon you see. The Half-Orange/Half-Key icon for "Conquered It" comes from the game's Kill Screen at level 256.

For MMOs, you can consider a game "Beaten" if you've achieved a maximum character level, and "Conquered" if you've played long enough to have one of the highest-tier characters in the game. For classic arcade-style games or other games with no ending, you can consider that you've "Beaten" them if you've gotten to the last non-repeating level, or any other benchmark you wish to use. If you've rolled over the score or level counter, it's safe to say you've "Conquered" it.

Why is it that when I rate a game, my "Own It" status is set to "Played It"?

Why are you rating a game you've never played? Your game ratings should be based on games you've actually played, not just parroting popular (or unpopular) opinions you've heard about a game.

How do I undo a game's ratings that I've given it?

To clear off all of the ratings you've given a game, simply click "Never Owned" under the "Own It" section on its Home page. That will instantly clear all of the ratings you've given, and you can then re-rate anything you want for that game.