How do I sign up for GameFAQs?

To view GameFAQs and read most message boards, no sign-up or registration is required. In order to post messages on the boards, adjust your display settings, or contribute, you must first register for a GameFAQs account. GameFAQs does not charge any fees of any type for any content or services on the site. A valid email address is required, as a confirmation mail will be sent to the address you provide.

Why doesn't my activation key work?

Some e-mail programs can cut off the last digits of the URL, and that entire URL is required in order to activate your account. Try copying and pasting or even typing in the URL by hand, making sure that you enter the entire string in order to activate your account.

Why didn't I receive my activation key?

Whenever you sign up for the GameFAQs message boards, you must use a valid, working email address that you can receive mail from. If you don't receive your activation key after signing up, there are several likely reasons why this has happened:

  • You didn't provide your correct email address. 90% of the bounced confirmation notices we receive are due to people providing invalid or non-working addresses. Remember, your email will look something like "", and your address very probably does not begin with "www.".
  • You're blocking external mail. If you use AOL in particular, you can set up your mail filters to block all external mail, which means that your confirmation key will never get to you. Change your settings to accept mail from non-AOL sites in order to receive your confirmation email.
  • Your mailbox is full, or your mail server is having problems. You need to make sure you can receive mail before signing up.

When you log in with an inactive account, you'll be presented with a link that allows you to resend the email and reset the address.