How do I contribute to GameFAQs?

To contribute to the site, visit Contributor Central, which can also be found by clicking the Contribute link at the top of the site. From Contributor Central, you can submit any type of content that is accepted on the site. To find out more information about the different types of content that we host, check the relevant entry under Contribution Documentation on Contributor Central.

What do the labels next to some contributions mean?

  • A hollow dot () denotes a FAQ that covers general points of a game (hints and tips, basic strategy), but is not a walkthrough or beginning-to-end guide.
  • A partially filled dot () denotes a FAQ that contains a partial guide for game, but it does not cover the entire game beginning-to-end.
  • A filled dot () denotes a FAQ that either covers as much of a game as is possible, or contains a full beginning-to-end walkthrough.
  • A trophy () denotes a FAQ or Review that won FAQ of the Month or Review of the Month.
  • A hollow star () denotes a FAQ or Review that is one of the Most Recommended FAQs/Reviews on the site.
  • A full star () denotes a FAQ or Review that is one of the Top Rated FAQs/Reviews on the site.
  • denotes a FAQ with formatting. These guides feature modern features like clickable links and images rather than simply being text.
  • (JIS) and (EUC) denote text files in Shift-JIS or EUC format for Japanese text. (GB2312) denotes a text file in GB2312 format for Chinese text. Most current web browsers automatically will show the text with Japanese characters; see your own browser's help file for more information.
  • Also, if the guide was originally written for the game using a different console, you'll see a note denoting it (i.e. "PS4" for PlayStation 4).

How do I recommend a FAQ, Review or Top 10?

At the beginning of every guide and at the end of every review, you will find the option to recommend that contribution. You can either choose "Yes" if the contribution was something that you would recommend to others or "No" if it wasn't. After choosing, you will be given the option of leaving feedback to the author as well. This feedback is anonymous, so the author will not know who left the feedback.