How do I compose a plain text FAQ?

Plain-text guides should be created in standard ASCII text, with a strict 79 characters per line format and line breaks. Plain-text guides can be created in almost any editor that allows you to save your document in standard ASCII (.txt) format. Guides can also be saved in a word processor format (.docx, .rtf, and so on) as long as you have used a fixed-width font (Courier New is the recommended font) and adhere to the 79 characters per line format so that they can be converted to .txt format by our staff.

Plain-text guides that do not adhere to the standard ASCII text will likely not be displayed as you had intended, so please avoid using extended ASCII or non-ASCII characters. The exception for this is for Japanese characters, in which case you should adhere to the Shift-JIS format. For a word processor, MS Mincho is the suggested font for Japanese characters.

How do I compose a Formatted FAQ?

GameFAQs provides an online editor to create Formatted FAQs. By using this editor, you can see how your guide will look, save a copy to your account, and submit it for review all without having to maintain an offline copy. More information about the editor can be found here.

You can also create an offline document using our unique HTML markup which can be uploaded to the site. More information about this can be found here.

What are some things to consider while composing a FAQ?

  • Learn by example: GameFAQs has guides submitted by many great authors. The site's most prolific authors have written some comprehensive, easy-to-use guides that are the hallmark of free information available on the Internet.
  • Don't use the Tab key: Tabs are not consistent between browsers, text editors, or word processors. What you may think is five spaces is ten to one person and eight to another. Always use blank spaces if you need to line up columns in a table.
  • Avoid controversy: Keep foul language to a minimum, don't flame other users or sites, don't re-post people's derogatory mails to you, don't get involved in religious, political, or sexual debates. Just don't.
  • Give Credit Where It Is Due: It's the Golden Rule of GameFAQs. If you get factual data from another guide or book, credit the author. If someone mails you a tip that you weren't aware of, one line in your guide will show where it came from. Even crediting the game itself and the instruction manual can't hurt, although it's generally understood that it's the source of your data. Plagiarists are not looked kindly upon here, or pretty much any other place on the planet.