How do I use the Tracked Topic system?

As long as you are logged in, when you are viewing the Message List of any topic, you can click the Track Topic link at the top of the page to add the topic to your list of tracked topics. Your list of tracked topics will appear in the Board Information section of the main board list. You can track up to 200 topics at any given time, and there is a slight delay when adding a message to your tracking list.

What is the Search function and how does it work?

A search box is available available at the bottom of every topic list. From there, you can search the topic titles on the current message board. The search is a simple string search, and is best limited to single words or short phrases.

How can I change the boards on my main board list?

The Board Manager allows you to browse all of the various social and special interest boards on the site and add or remove them from your own personalized list. It is available for all active users from at the bottom of the Message Board Home Page, or from your User Preferences page. Your list can only have a maximum of 100 boards on it at any given time.

How can I add new boards to my main board list?

Simply click on the "Add to Favorites" link from any topic listing. The board will be added to the list on the Message Board Home Page.

How can I see my own posted messages?

Once you are Level 15, you can see a list of topics you have posted in by clicking the "Active Posts" link from your User Preferences page.

Can I edit my own posts?

You can edit a post up to five times within an hour of posting it. To do so, click the word "edit" in the lower-right corner of your post. Note that previous versions of your post will be visible, so editing a post will not permanently remove the edited content.

How do I request a topic to be stickied or unstickied?

If your account is a minimum of Level 31, you can request to sticky or unsticky a topic simply by clicking the "Sticky" link in the lower-right corner of the first post. You should find a button you can click to make a nomination for that topic, along with a text box to add any helpful information about the topic and why it should be stickied or unstickied. Once a topic receives enough nominations, an administrator or lead moderator will look at the topic and the nomination text from the nominators and then decide whether or not to make the change to the topic. Be aware that nominating topics that obviously have no business being stickied can result in the permanent loss of the ability to nominate future topics.

How do I ignore a user?

If your account is at least Level 15, you have access to the Ignore User feature. To use it, click the Ignore link found by hovering over the name of the user that you wish to ignore in any post they have posted. You should see a button you can click to ignore that user. They will be added to your ignored user list.

There is a limit to 250 ignored users at any point in time and once you ignore a user, you will not be able to access any topic created by that user (aside from sticky topics) and will not see their posts at all. You cannot ignore yourself or any member of the moderation staff or administration.