What are Game Credits?

Game Credits are a list of the people who designed, programmed, and produced a particular video or computer game. Most games will list credits either in the manual or within the game itself.

What kinds of credits does GameFAQs accept?

We're only interested in people listed as being part of the actual creation of the game. This includes, but is definitely not limited to: design, development, production, voice actors, and artists.

What kinds of credits does GameFAQs not accept?

People listed as testers, marketing, sales, manual, or in the "Thanks To..." section. In other words, anyone not involved in the creation of the game. While these people are definitely important to the overall process (and we may add them in the future), we're mainly looking at tracking the development/design teams.

What is required in order to have a game credit listed?

The only things needed are the name of the position (or positions) the person had for the game creation, and their name. Please only submit credits with a full name, or at the very minimum, a first initial and a family name. Credits to people's initials, nicknames, and the like aren't proper credits, and can't be used.