Review by JF7X

Reviewed: 05/13/08

A mix of Rival School and Little Fighter

The best way to describe GP Fight (in my opinion) is to say that it is like Capcom's Rival School and Little Fighter 2 (a free ware game) idea wise. However since this not a very English friendly game, I do not know the storyline since every thing is in Korean. So asking me the storyline or the character biography is out of pointless but strangely enough all the stage names are written in Chinese/Japanese (it's using only Chinese characters so I don't know if it would fall under Japanese as well since the stages are really generic terms and it would not need to use Kana to be written in) and so I guess the only thing I could read are stage names. Anyways enough about what I can and can't do and onto the review.

Game play 7/10: As mentioned already that it is (idea wise) similar to Rival School and Little Fighter 2. This is because you are at a school and the students seem to be at war with each and so it just turns into a slug fest. Now you can pick between 6 different students (2 girls and 4 guys). Now I don't actually see the point of giving them stats when it doesn't really matter. Now in each level the game will have you do a certain object while beating up your fellow classmates with an assortment of objects (ie: chain saws, globes and etc). Now the objects can vary a lot for instance stage one is just survive for 120 seconds or kill off all the others while stage 2 is collect food while beating up your classmates. Now after each stage the 4 people in the stage (including the player) will be ranked. If you didn't make it in the top 3 then it is game over (there are no continues) however if you tie with the computer for a score then it will give you victory. Also there are 3 hidden characters to be unlocked. My guess is that you have to beat the game with certain people or just beat the game in general to get them.

Music 2/10:There are only three types of theme songs in this game which can make it dull. There is the introduction theme, the in-game music and then the game over music. However the in game music is kind of interesting to listen to.

Length 5/10: The is not long at all. In fact it's only 5 stages long. Unfortunately I have yet to beat it since it's so incredibly hard. However I'm pretty sure once I beat it I will unlock some thing.

Controls 7/10: Since this is on a GP32 and barely any one has ever even heard of it chances are you are wondering what the controls are. Well the controls are: A is to attack, B is to jump, the joystick is to move and the L button is for picking up items and throwing them. Of course if you do manage to stumble upon this game, the option mode tells you this information.

If you like beat-em-up games/ import games and language is not an issue for you then get it. However since this is on the GP32 , you probably would have a hard time finding it.

Rating: 7

Product Release: GP Fight (KO, 03/31/03)

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