Review by mastaboog749

Reviewed: 08/10/04

What a monster of a system

This thing is great, I love it with all my heart. I use this handheld for anything like reading,watching movies, wireless multiplayer games, Homebrew, ROMs. This can do alot and new stuff is being made everyday. Alot of the commercial games exactly that fun but there is plenty of Homebrew and Emulators to keep you busy for a long time. How long? Real long seeing you can play NES, SNES, Genesis, GB and GBC, Mastersystem, Wonderswan, C64 games and much more.


The screen looks 99.999999999999% better than the GBA SP screen. Its bigger, better resolution (320x240) and has better colors. It can even be Front lit (like SP) or Back lit (even better than SP) if you buy that model.
Now the Dpad is weird, Its like a DPAD/Joystick.... its both but it you get used to it and learn to love it. If you get the BLU (Back Lit Unit ) You might have a messed up R button, it is known on BLU units that the R button you might have to press down harder then the L button but its not a big deal. Connects to Computer VIA USB so thats cool, two speakers for stereo plus a Headphone Jack.

Commercial games aren't that great but some are good. I Personally like Mill, Little Wizard, and Pinball Dreams. I haven't played every comercial game but you can try them if you want. There is plenty of software for the GP32 to turn it into a mp3 player or a movie player or even Linux. You can also read Text or look at JPGS. A virtual Manga book :) or read an FAQ on the run.

YES!!! Very good, go buy now!!! Lik-sang or GBAX..... ok you don't have to buy now but don't think that the Zodiac will be better because its not because its not really open source like the GP32. Yes I said open source and yes you can code your own game for it :).

Well to sum it up.... Its great, it plays movies and roms. I like it and maybe you will to....


Rating: 10

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