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Reviewed: 11/22/06

A Pirates Dream

Long before the Sony PSP came out (some where in the year 2002) there was a company in Korea called Game Park who released a hand held that did every thing a PSP could do. That system was called the GP32 (quite an odd name for a system). Now what does this this thing do exactly? It can play music, play movies, and play games.

This system was also more powerful then the Game Boy Advance and the Nokia phone/ game gadget at the time. However sadly, the system never came to the States and there were many reasons why. First of all many game publishers never supported it even though it had potential (of course some publisher that were probably only in Japan, Korea or China supported it since there are some games that seem to be recognizable by title). Second this game was easy made (as it seemed) for hacking and/or cracking, which means that any official game that was made for it was probably cracked. Some official games for were called Her knights and Tomak. The system also had a back light problem which meant it needed a good type of light source to actually be playable but the company fixed that by releasing a version of the GP32 that had some type of better lighting system to it. The company ( and other publishers) continued to makes games for it until the year 2004. Now the reason why it's so easily cracked is because it has a usb port.

Using that port many people probably transfered data on some type of memory stick or secure digital memory card and played it on the system. The screen on the GP32 is bigger then then a Game Boy SP. The controls on the system it self contained two buttons (A,B), a Start button, a Select button, two L and R button on top of the system, and lastly a D-pad that some how looks more like a joy stick type of fashion. The system runs on 2AA batteries and while not as good as a Game Boy Advance or Color, it can still go for a good twelve hours at most. The system used cards as a source of making games (similar to the Bandai Wonder Swan.)

So is the system worth picking up? Yes if you don't have a labtop or a Sony Psp yet. Or if you are interested in seeing a Korean-made system.

Rating: 10

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