Review by JF7X

Reviewed: 06/24/08

A mix of DND and Golden Axe.

Just like the Gp Fight game, this game seems to be like a rip between two games as well. In this case Dungeons and Dragons and Golden Axe (which is not a bad thing, however some people might disagree). So since it is like those two games you can also guarantee that it is a mythological beat em type of game as well. The basic story line is that four warriors (Bersei a cleric, Barmurk an archer, Kerters a warrior, and Duplan a mage/ wizard) went on an expedition to rid their kingdom of evil. However this also (unfortunately) made them enemies of their own kingdom, so now they must battle human soldiers and ghouls/ skeletons alike.

Game Play 8/10: The game play is not bad however it's also not the best of these types of games of games. First let's start off with the problems, the game is too freaking hard since the enemies will combo you to death even on easy. Now I'm not usually a whiner on video games however it seems that so far every game I have come across on the GP32 never seem like it's for kids because it too difficult. For instance, when your back is turn in Golden Axe, the enemy hits you once then allows you to get up (even on hard mode) however in this game the enemies knock you down and then once you get up they surround you and just keep smacking you till you die. I don't even want to think about how hard hard mode would be. Also the game (like most GP32 games) has no continues. You can save your progress however even if you beat a stage your health does not go back to full at the end of the stage, the only way to have a full life bar is to A not get hit, B pick up the food items and not get hit,or C level up (the last option takes forever since the leveling system takes to long). However if you some are not discouraged by the game it can also be fun because of it's difficulty level since most games that are like this in America are some times too easy. In the game each character has about 2-3 attacks + 4 spells that they can use as they level up. Now the special spells don't seem to require magic (or etc ) so as far I can tell you can use it as much as you want. Also each person has very unique (and it's not because their class is different) because some attacks you would not expect the class to have. For instance the Archer can sing as an attack (I don't know why maybe he is a bard as well?). The enemies are also both unique and not at the same time. They are not unique in the fact that they are common enemies in these types of games in general however they are unique in the fact that of how they combo you to death. For instance the archer wolves you shoot you twice and while you flinch the skeletons would just beat you sense less (which I have never seen done in any Golden Axe/ DND games).

Music 6/10: The music is not bad nor is it good. Each chapter has it own unique music however the same tune is played over and over again though out the chapter so it does get sort of boring.

Length ?/10: I have never beaten the game however I do know there are 4 chapters which make up 8 stages. I have only gotten to stage 4.

Extras 4/10: There is not much else except that you can beat the game with all four of the warriors . Also in option mode you can set your ip address to play online. The game is also surprisingly very English friendly since every thing is in English (except for the back cover of the box).

Well since the game is on the GP32 I highly doubt most people would even have heard about the game. However if you are interested your best bet would be to head to Europe or Korea to find this game.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Dungeon & Guarder (KO, 11/23/01)

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