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Walkthrough by Necrolesian

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/04/2018

|                   Phantasy Star II: Amia's Adventure Guide                  |
|                                 Version 1.01                                |
|                                by Necrolesian                               |

Table of Contents|

I.   Introduction
II.  Walkthrough
III. Copyright
IV.  Contact Information
V.   Version History
VI.  Credits

I. Introduction|

This guide is for Phantasy Star II: Amia's Adventure, a text adventure
companion to Phantasy Star II (Amia is Anna from PSII). I created this guide
using the English translation of the game available at Phantasy Star Cave:

Phantasy Star Cave also has a map:

I try to avoid spoilers in this guide, and just tell you where to go and what
to do, but there may be minor spoilers.

I recommend going everywhere and looking at everything, even if I don't tell
you to look at it in this guide, so you'll get the most out of the game.

II. Walkthrough|


You start at the Jet Buggy. Look at the panel to find the poster, and at the
glovebox to find the knife. Take both. Move east to the Hill, then east again
to the Dome Farm Entrance. From here, you can go south to look around the Dome
Farm and its two side rooms (Storehouse to the south, and Dome Control Room to
the west), or go north to see the Mountain Base. You'll need to go east from
Dome Farm Entrance to reach Bee Rock Village.

From Bee Rock Village, go south to the Villager Residence. Look at the man to
talk to him, then use the poster on him to receive the handcuffs. The go back
north, then north again to the Plaza. Look at the villagers to see a man and a
woman, then look at both of them to talk to them.

Now go south, west, and south back to the Dome Farm. You'll see something new
here now. You can't go south to the Storehouse at this time, but you can go
west to the Dome Control Room. Use either the handcuffs or the knife on Hack
(it doesn't matter which). Then look at the local area then the computer.

In Pursuit

Go east, north, then north to the Mountain Base. Look at the local area to see
Motavian footprints, then look at the footprints. Go north to the Crossroads,
then east to the Mountainside. You'll get into a battle here; just use the
knife on the bat until you win. Then look at the local area and take the
mushroom. The mushroom will heal you if you use it, but you probably don't need

Go back west, then west again to the Cliff. Go south to the Dead End, and take
the pole, then go back north, then north again to the Mountainside. Look at the
moss, then go north then east for another battle. Use the knife, not the pole.
After the battle, you might be very low on HP, but don't use your mushroom.
Look at the nest, then take the scope.

Go south, then east to the Stone Corridor, and look at the object. Use the pole
on the tiger paw, otherwise you'll take damage when you pass. Go east to the
Cave Mouth, the south to the Tunnel.


Look at the knothole, but don't enter the room to the west, or you'll be
transported back to the Mountain Base.

Instead, go east, then east again to the Storeroom. Look at the boxes, then
take the boomerang. Go back west, then north to the Dining Room. Take the food
to heal your HP to full.

Now go south, then south again to Hack's Room. Use the handcuffs, knife or
boomerang on Hack (again, it doesn't matter which), then go south to Cave

Learning to Fly

The path splits here to the west and south. Both directions lead to a battle.
To the west is a battle with rock bees. Use the boomerang against them, as it's
a better weapon than the knife. To the south of the Cave Exterior is a battle
with a hole worm. The boomerang is ineffective against it, so you'll have to
use the knife. Both directions lead to the same place, so you only have to
fight one of these battles. The battle with the rock bees is easier.

Go west (rock bees battle) then south - or, alternatively, go south (hole worm
battle) then west - to reach the Cliff. Go west again, and look at the cliff
base. Go west to Vacant Land, then north to the Cabin. Look at the fabric, then
take the hang glider.

Go back south and east to the Cliff and use the hang glider on the wind. Be
sure to use it from the western Cliff area (immediately east of Vacant Land),
not the eastern Cliff area (south of the rock bees battle). If you use it from
the latter area, you'll wind up in the area with the hole worm battle.

Forty Seconds in the Desert

Using the hang glider from the correct area will take you to the Sand. Go south
to the Field of Stones, look at the bones, then take the silver key. Now go
back north, then west to the Strange Stone. Use the silver key on the box, then
take the sand skis.

Go east, then east again to the Quicksand Dune. Since you have the sand skis,
you can pass through this area. To the south is the Cactus Garden. Use the
knife on the cacti if you need healing, then go north, east, and south to the
Quicksand Whirlpool. Use the handcuffs on Hack, then look at Hack.

Making Your Way Back

Go east to Sand Barricade to take back your items, then go west back to
Luminous Cavern and use the handcuffs on Hack.

Now go west to Swampland, then north. Look at the nest, take the egg, and go
back south. You can go further south to Lakeside and look around, but do not go
further south from there to the Bottomless Lake. If you do, you'll die.
Instead, from the Swampland area south of the egg, go west to encounter a
corgen. You can fight it, or you can just use the egg on it.

From here, go north to the Shrine Entrance and then west to the Shrine. Look at
Hack, take the photograph, then use it on Hack. Look at the Crevice, then look
at Hack repeatedly, and go west.

Return to Bee Rock

You can go south from here back to the Villager Residence to chat with the
villager, but to continue the game go west from Bee Rock Village, then south to
Dome Farm.

Go west to the Dome Control Room, then look at the monitor.

III. Copyright|

This document is not copyrighted. You can do what you want with it, but I'd
rather you didn't use it to make money.

IV. Contact Information|

You may email me with contributions or corrections at
necrolesian@bitmessage.ch. Put "Amia's Adventure," or something similar, in the
subject line so I know what the email is about. Please let me know if I got
anything wrong or left anything important out.

V. Version History|

Version 1.01 - 2018-04-03
   - Revised copyright section and contact information.
   - Added version history section.

Version 1.0 - 2016-02-18
   - Initial release.

VI. Credits|

Phantasy Star Cave, for making the English translation available so we gaijin
can play it.

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