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Plug 'n' Play System Guide by Seth0708

Updated: 12/02/06

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               .:Sa2XriXaai,:    XMMMZ0 MMWM2XMBMM:00MMMMMMM0aMMMBM@S2,SMMM  S
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      ,XZZaS7rrr         r :;.:  ,    :ZMXr2MMZi.WW@B8;::i;@WW@@WMXZB;iSBWMBXX
  SSX..;8@MMZ i7;:2Mr:;MaX 2,7;:   ,i282.  MM@W@MMM7        ,8MMMM@0WBW0WBMM7
 SSS.2M@MM08MM,;i;0B   @2XaX;i,rSMM0MM@MM   MMMMi               BMMB0W02@MMS
@08 2MMM2aMBMMX2SaZZS7SZa27MMMMBMM@M  i:78. 8M                    ZMMMMM;
MBZ8Z  aMMMX iZB00aX7SaZW0ZaW0B7SZX;SZa2aa8M         Sega Genesis
MM8Z808r  ;288Z8WMMMMMMMMMMMWZaaZa8aZZaa2ZMr         Plug 'n' Play Guide
 M@888Z8BB0a20MM@i         :BMM@8Z82aaXXZ@0          by Seth0708
 .MM088888ZaWMr               .MM88Z2aXZM0
   MM@0882Z@W                   MM8aa0MMr
    rMMMMMM@                     MMMMMa

== Introduction ==
This guide is for the Plug 'n' Play Sega Genesis units that have begun to pop
up in various retail stores around the US and UK. I've written this guide
because, despite the fact that they seem to be for sale everywhere, I found
it very hard to find any useful information about these units on the Internet.

I since purchased a number of the units and tested out the games in order to
compile this guide. If you're interested in getting one, or you're looking
for a specific game, or if you're just curious as to what has been published,
this guide is for you. Below this section you will find a list of frequently
asked questions on the Plug 'n' Play units.

If, however, you want to skip straight to what is on the units and what
features they have, skip down to the bottom where you'll find a reference
chart that should satisfy all your needs.

Special Thanks goes to Jonathan Matthews Software, whose program I used to
create the image at the top of the guide.

If anyone has any questions that are not answered in the questions below, or
they know of another SEGA GENESIS (not any other system) Plug 'n' Play unit
that I do not have listed here, drop me a line at MrSeth0708@aol.com and I'll
update the guide and give you credit for the information.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
What is a Plug 'n' Play Genesis?
  A Plug 'n' Play Sega Genesis is a self-contained Sega Genesis, with games,
  that you simply plug directly into your television to play. Thus far all
  models require either an AC Adaptor or 4 AA Batteries to use.

What type of controller do they utilize?
  Thus far four different models of Genesis controller have appeared in the
  Plug 'n' Play lines. The most common is the classic, 3-button Genesis
  controller that initially came with the system's original release. There
  have been, however, three set-ups that have come with a different controller
  each. The Street Fighter II unit has a 6-button controller, the Menacer
  unit has a Menacer light gun, and the Outrun 2019 unit has a Genesis
  steering wheel.

What games are available?
  Currently there are 20 games available on the Plug 'n' Play systems spread
  across 8 different units. They are divided as follows:

  EA Games
   Madden NFL '95
   NHL '95

   Menacer 6-Game Cartridge

  Outrun 2019
   Outrun 2019

  Sega Genesis Volume 1
   Altered Beast
   Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
   Golden Axe
   Kid Chameleon
   Sonic the Hedgehog

  Sega Genesis Volume 2
   Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
   Ecco the Dolphin
   Gain Ground
   Sonic the Hedgehog 2
   The Ooze

  Sensible Soccer Plus (UK-only)
   Sensible Soccer

  Street Fighter II'
   Ghouls 'n' Ghosts
   Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition

  Super Sonic (aka Sega Genesis Volume 3)
   Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
   Sonic the Hedgehog
   Sonic the Hedgehog 2
   Sonic Spinball

Have the game been altered in any way?
  No, the games are all in unaltered condition. This makes for some
  interesting issues when playing (see next two questions) though.

Can the units be played two-player?
  This is probably the most annoying thing about a lot of these units. Only
  the EA Games, Sensible Soccer, and Street Fighter II' units allow for two-
  players to play. The Sega Genesis Volumes 1 and 2 units have games that
  allow for two-player mode still intact, but since there is no way to play
  with two people the option is present, but you either cannot access it, or
  the second player will simply not be controllable and will not move.

Do any of the units have save features?
  The EA Games unit allows for saving, but none of the other units do. The
  Sensible Soccer unit, however, has the option to save and processes your
  commands as if saving. When you reload the game up, however, you will find
  that it did not save anything.

Where can I get one?
  I have seen all the US release models at Wal-Mart, although they probably
  are available in other locations as well. Below are the Amazon.com listings
  for both the US and the UK. They do not have all the units available, but
  you can find a few of them.

  Amazon.com (US) Listings
   Arcade Legends Sega Genesis Vol 2

  Play TV Legends Menacer

  Play TV Outrun 2019

  Amazon.com (UK) Listings
   Sega Mega Drive (Plug n Play TV Games)

   Sega Megadrive Volume 2 (Plug n Play TV Games)

   Sensible Soccer Plus (Plug n Play TV Games)

   Street Fighter (Plug n Play TV Games)

== Quick Information Chart ==
The following chart provides a quick reference that shows every game available
for Plug 'n' Play, what unit it is found on, if it allows for two-players, if
it has a save feature, and what type of controller it utilizes.
| Title                                       | On?   | 2P? | Save? | Cont? |
|  Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle          | Vol 2 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  Altered Beast                              | Vol 1 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  Columns                                    | Vol 2 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine        | Vol 1 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  Ecco the Dolphin                           | Vol 2 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  Flicky                                     | Vol 1 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  Gain Ground                                | Vol 2 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  Ghouls 'n' Ghosts                          | SF II | Yes | No    | 6-But |
|  Golden Axe                                 | Vol 1 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  Kid Chameleon                              | Vol 1 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  Madden NFL '95                             | EA Sp | Yes | Yes   | 3-But |
|  Menacer 6-Game Cartridge                   | Men 6 | No  | No    | Mencr |
|  NHL '95                                    | EA Sp | Yes | Yes   | 3-But |
|  Outrun 2019                                | Outrn | No  | No    | Wheel |
|  Sensible Soccer                            | Sense | Yes | No    | 3-But |
|  Sonic the Hedgehog                         | Vol 1 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  Sonic the Hedgehog 2                       | Vol 2 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition | SF II | Yes | No    | 3-But |
|  Sonic Spinball                             | Vol 3 | No  | No    | 3-But |
|  The Ooze                                   | Vol 2 | No  | No    | 6-But |

== Copyrights ==
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Altered Beast, Columns, Doctor Robotnik's
   Mean Bean Machine, Flicky, Gain Ground, Golden Axe, Kid Chameleon,
   Menacer 6-Game Cartridge, Outrun 2019, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the
   Hedgehog 2, Sonic Spinball, and The Ooze are (c) Sega

Ecco the Dolphin is (c) Novatrade

Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, and Street Fighter II are (c) Capcom

Madden NFL '95, and NHL '95 are (c) EA Games

Play Arcade Legends is (c) Radica Games

Sensible Soccer is (c) Sony

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