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Territory Lock-out List by PEccles

Updated: 08/18/03

   MegaDrive/Genesis/Nomad Territory Lock-out list rel.18.08.03
                           By Phil Eccles
                    Copyrighted 18th August 2003

Legal stuff

This document may be reprinted in its entirety without the author's
permission. However, if material is taken from the document, credit must be
given to myself and its contributors (and I'd like it if you e-mailed me
first, too).


For most of the MegaDrive's (or Genesis' if you prefer) life, cartridges were
produced without any sort of territory protection. Some games even had multiple
languages for different territories, Neo Geo-style.  However, later in the
MegaDrive's life, Sega and several third-party developers decided to start
implementing a software territory lock-out to keep people from playing games
outside of the territory they were intended for. The software routine is
different in each game and always resides in a different part of the program
code. Basically what the routine does is to check the hardware address in RAM
that specifies what kind of MegaDrive the game is running on (Japanese, US,
European, etc), and if that doesn't match the intended territory, the game
locks up with an error message.

What this list does is list MegaDrive games and states whether they contain
a territory lock-out or not (but its far from complete). A large assumption has
been made when producing this list. This list assumes that if the European
version of a game has a territorial lock out then all other versions will (and
visa versa). This is unlikely to be the case with every game so if you come
across any inconsistances please let me know.

My purpose for doing this is simple, I own a Sega Nomad and live in the UK.
Therefore I thought it may be useful to know whether a game is going to be
compatible or not before I purchased it.

How do you know?

The only way to find out for sure is to test them yourself. All the games I
own personally have been tested on my Nomad, everything else on the list was
tested using an emulator or has been supplied from various contributors (see

Emulator testing

The majority of MegaDrive emulator's contain an option to select the country
of the machine to be emulated. By using this I've been able to test whether
ROM images contained a territory lock-out or not. This method probably isn't
as accurate as testing it on an actual machine so I take no responsibility
if some of the following results prove to be wrong.


I just want to say a quick Thank you to:

o   Blind13
o   p.ederveen
o   shaia
o   supersaiyen02
o   ScaleroD
o   Torben
o   Shakey_Jake33
o   Andrea L Cook
o   Jeroen Verdel

for their input into the list. If you have any comments on any
of the results or have some of you're own results which could be listed then
please feel free to e-mail me (the address is at the top).

The List

        Game Title                      Territory Lock-out

        2 Crude Dudes                           No

        Aero the Acrobat 2                      Yes
        Aladdin                                 Yes
        Alien Soldier                           Yes
        Alien Storm                             No
        Alisia Dragoon                          No
        Altered Beast                           No
        Animaniacs                              No
        Art Alive                               No
        Art of Fighting                         Yes
        Asterix & the Great Escape              Yes

        Back to the Future III                  Yes
        Ballz                                   No
        Bart Vs The Space Mutants               No
        Batman                                  No
        Batman Forever                          No
        Batman Returns                          No
        Beyond Zero Tolerance                   No
        Blockout                                No
        Bloodshot                               No
        Boogerman                               No
        Busby                                   No

        Cannon Fodder                           No
        Captain America and The Avengers        No
        Castlevania: New Generation             Yes
        Chakan                                  No
        Chaos Engine                            Yes
        Chaos Engine 2                          Yes
        Combat Cars                             No
        Comix Zone                              Yes
        Classic Collection                      No
        Crackdown                               No
        Crue Ball                               No
        Cyborg Justice                          No

        Death and Return of Superman, The       Yes
        Decap Attack                            No (1)
        Divine Sealing                          No
        Donald in Maui Mallard                  Yes
        Dragon                                  Yes
        Bragon Ball Z                           No
        Dragonsfury                             No
        Duke Nukem 3D                           No

        EA Hockey                               No
        Earthworm Jim                           Yes
        Ecco the Dolphin                        No
        Eternal Champions                       Yes

        Fantastic Dizzy/Cosmic Spacehead        No (2)
        Fantasia                                No
        Fatal Fury                              No
        Flashback                               No

        Gauntlet 4                              Yes
        General Chaos                           No
        Ghostbusters                            No
        Ghouls n Ghosts                         No
        Gods                                    Yes
        Goldenaxe                               No
        Grand Slam Tennis                       No
        Greendog                                No
        Gunship                                 No
        Gunstar Heroes                          Yes
        Gynoug                                  No

        Herzog Zwei                             No

        International Superstar Soccer Deluxe   No
        Itchy & Scratchy                        No

        James Pond                              No
        James Pond II                           No
        Jordan vs Bird                          No
        Judge Dredd                             No

        Kid Chameleon                           No
        King Of Monsters                        No

        Last Battle                             No
        Lemmings                                No
        Lionking                                No

        Marble Madness                          No
        Mario Lemeiux Hockey                    No
        Mega Games 1                            No
        Mickey Mouse Castle Of Illusion         No
        Micro Machines 96                       No
        Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Yes
        Mega Bomberman                          No
        Mega Games 2                            No
        Mega Games 3                            No
        Mega lo mania                           Yes
        MegaMan: The Wily Wars                  Yes
        Mega Turrican                           Yes
        Menacer six game cartridge              No
        Moonwalker                              No
        Mortal Kombat                           No
        Mortal Kombat 2                         No
        Mortal Kombat 3                         Yes

        NBA Jam: T.E.                           No

        Olympic Gold                            No

        Phantasy Star 2                         No
        Phantasy Star 3                         No
        Phantasy Star 4                         Yes
        Pinocchio                               No
        Pitfall                                 Yes
        Prince Of Persia                        Yes
        Probotector                             Yes
        Puggsy                                  No

        Quack Shot                              No

        Ranger X                                Yes
        Ren & Stimpy                            Yes
        Revenge Of Shinobi                      No
        Rise Of The Robots                      No
        Road Rash                               No
        Road Rash 2                             No
        Rocket Knight Adventures                No
        Rock 'n' Roll Racing                    Yes

        Sailor Moon                             Yes
        Saturday Night Slammasters              Yes
        Samurai Showdown                        Yes
        Scooby Doo                              No
        Sensible Soccer                         Yes
        Shadow of the Beast                     No
        Shaq Fu                                 No
        Shining in the Darkness                 No
        Shining Force                           Yes
        Shining Force 2                         Yes
        Shinobi, The Revenge of                 No
        Skitchin                                No
        Smash TV                                No
        Soliel                                  Yes
        Sonic & Knuckles                        No
        Sonic 3D                                No
        Sonic Compilation                       Yes
        Sonic Spinball                          Yes
        Sonic the Hedgehog                      No
        Sonic the Hedgehog 2                    No
        Sonic the Hedgehog 3                    Yes
        Sonic the Hedgehog 2 & Knuckles         No
        Sonic the Hedehog 3 & Knuckles          No
        Space Harrier 2                         No
        Sparkster Rocket Knight Adventures II   No
        Spiderman                               No
        Star control                            No
        Stargate                                No
        Story of Thor, The                      Yes
        Street Fighter II: SCE                  Yes
        Streetracer                             No
        Streets Of Rage                         No
        Streets Of Rage 2                       No
        Streets Of Rage 3                       Yes
        Strider                                 No
        Strider 2                               No
        Super Skidmarks                         No
        Super Street Fighter 2 -
                    The New Challengers         Yes
        Sword of Vermillion                     No
        Syndicate                               No

        T2 The Arcade Game                      No
        Talespin                                No
        Tazmania                                No
        Terminator 2: Judgement Day             No
        Thunderforce 2                          No
        Thunderforce 3                          No
        Thunderforce 4                          Yes
        Tiny Toons: Busters Hidden Treasure     Yes
        TMHT: Hyper Stone Heist                 Yes
        TMHT: Tournament Fighters               Yes
        Toejam & Earl                           No
        Toejam & Earl 2                         Yes
        Toystory                                Yes

        Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3                Yes

        Vectorman                               No
        Vectorman 2                             No
        Virtua Racing                           Yes

        Winbledon Championship Tennis           No
        Winter Olympics                         No
        Wiz n liz                               No
        Wolverine: Adamantium Rage              No
        Wonderboy 3                             No
        Wonderboy V                             No
        Wolrd Cup Italia '90                    No
        World Cup USA 94                        No
        World of Illusion                       No
        Worms                                   Yes

        X-Men                                   Yes
        Xenon 2                                 Yes

        Zany Golf                               No
        Zero: The Kamakaze Squirrel             Yes
        Zero Tolerance                          No
        Zool                                    No

182 Games listed and counting!!!!

(1)     Although this cartridge has no lock-out this game will not work on the
        Nomad. For some reasons the controls appear messed up.

(2)     Although this cartridge has no lock-out in order to switch from Cosmic
        Spacehead to Fantastic Dizzy the player needs to reset the console. This
        makes playing Fantastic Dizzy impossible on a Nomad.

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