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Step Up To The Fastest Game Play Ever... Courtesy Of Deion Sanders.
- Prime time NFL Football stars Deion Sanders as the ultimate free agent and you're in control. You choose which team plays with every quarterback's worst nightmare.
- More details than ever: individual team play books, increased difficulty levels, stat-tracking in more than 40 categories, and a new record book that stores team and individual bests.
- Only Prime Time NFL Football offers incredible control at the line of scrimmage, allowing you to send players in motion and audible to different formations.
- NFL and NFL Players endorsements mean all 30 teams, all the players, and accurate stats based on the '94 season. Includes the two new expansion teams: the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Carolina Panthers.
- Prime Time NFL Football lets you choose to be the QB or the receiver, making you as versatile as Deion Sanders.

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