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The Cold War Is Over. Now The Hottest Soviet Jet Fighter Is Yours To Command!

With its Mach 2+ top speed, amazing maneuverability and awesome weaponry, the MiG-29 is arguably the world's best fighter aircraft. Until now, it was locked behind the Iron Curtain, inaccessible to anyone but a few elite Soviet pilots.
Now, with the Cold War over, the MiG-29 is ready to fly - this time under your command when you play this superb advanced flight simulator!
Start with the training flight which will teach you how to take-off, fly, bank, fire and land. Then launch into five increasingly dangerous and explosive combat missions in the Middle East!
Everything about MiG-29 Fighter Pilot makes you feel like you're flying the real thing - with actual flight instruments and avionics.
See your vision dim as you make a high-g roll. Feel your gut tighten when you kick in the afterburners and your hands tremble as you fire air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground rockets and powerful cannons at enemy fighters, tanks and other targets.
The question is: Can your heart stand all this excitement?

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