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Reviewed: 04/10/04

A game starring the elderly = Great

Psygnosis was always one very unique developer. The creators of Lemmings and Shadow of the Beast games. With other underrated games like Puggsy. Yes, Psygnosis was a great developer indeed back in the 16bit generation.

Wiz N Liz was first released for the Amiga. Ported to the Mega Drive/Genesis. And another port for the Mega CD. Like Psygnosis's other games. It's very unique. Care to find out why?


Totally addicting once you understand the goal. Think of a platformer but with short levels. Then fill the level with rabbits. Your task is to get all the rabbits, collect the spell letters they release, collect enough fruit juice and stars and finally head towards the exit. Sound boring? Perhaps. But of course this is one of those games where even if I tried to explain it very clearly, I'd only fail. You'll only have to play to understand it. Like Tetris.

The game gives you alot of freedom. Eight worlds which you can choose which one to enter every round. The level designs are changed depending on the difficulty setting. Each world, while looking different, have enough different elements to keep them all unique.

A big part of the game however, is the fruit you collect in each world round. Let's say you have a apple and a banana. If you mix them in some sort of stew mixer in the overworld hub, you'll unlock the shop. Other unlockables include homage's to such classics like Pong, Space Invaders, Breakout and many others. These mini-games themselves can be hours of fun. With nearly 20 fruit. All having different combinations and such. It'll take a while for you to see everything this game has to offer.

For the controls you don't actually have anything to worry about. A B and C are to jump. And you use the D-Pad to walk around and run. Simple stuff.


Has a unusual style. For it being a 16bit game it looked nothing fancy, which may be the reason it was overlooked. But everything is crystal clear. Nothing to harm the eyes and child friendly in every way. The characters themselves may be small, but have a lot of personality added to them.

Some levels like Desert and Wood may effect some confusion at times. But this is only if and when you've done a fruit spell turning the rabbits red, green or blue. It's due to them blending in the background that makes it worse their. But without it there's no problem whatsoever.

SOUND 9/10

Some of the tunes will stick to your mind like glue. Others can be forgotten as soon as you press the OFF switch. The style is unique and fits the game well. And the sound effects blend in well also.
There is a odd glinch however, at times when you are searching out the vital 30sec coin. The sound effect won't play and you won't know if it appeared or not. Causing quite a few deaths.

STORY 4/10

Crazy, stupid and funny. But nothing ranking to epic scales:

Wiz and Liz have alot of ''Wrabbits'' as pets. Some spell causes all the ''Wrabbits'' to be taken away. Add to this the world is being torn apart! So they have to be quick! Can they save them?

The story actually progresses with each difficulty setting. And I guess it is amusing to see how it progesses. But like with some games, you're not playing this for the storyline. Would be lower infact. But at least it has some humor.

REPLAY 10/10

4 difficulty settings. Hundreds of rounds. Over 100 or so fruit spells. Lots of Mini-games. And a lot of bosses too. Yup, this game should take a fair deal to beat. But its the fun factor that, even if you have finished it, its fun to play again and again.
And I'll say it again. It won't take you a single play through to see some of the real marvels of this game.


Psygnosis may have joined Sony Europe over the the late nineties. But with titles like this it makes you remember what games really should be about. Not some 100 hour collect-oh-thon. Not modes which only open up after a certain amount of play and condition. But just pure fun. Ready to be given in whatever amount you want. So do yourself a favor and hunt this game down. You'll be playing one very unique experience I'm sure you won't forget.

Final Score: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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