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Reviewed: 06/22/03 | Updated: 06/22/03

Absolute Multiplayer Fun

This game is one of the best I have ever played on the Genesis. I remember playing this with my friend back in second and third grade for hours on end. On and on we raced, transforming bad guys into rabbits and jumping into doorways. Entire days were sapped away as we tried to perfect the art of playing this game. The high score charts were dominated with our initials. More than a few fights broke out over the game, but that's not important. And they say video games don't cause violence! Anyhow, I digress.
The basic idea of the game is that you are two wizards and some bad guy turned all the bunnies into bad guys or something, and you need to save the bunnies. We never really paid attention to the story.
You run through the levels trying to secure more rabbits than your opponent, and eventually a door opens after enough rabbits have been saved. You both rush desperately for the door, trying to escape, and that's one of the best sensations on the Genesis. Rushing for that door to beat your friend at the game.
The single player of this game was pretty good as well, though my friend and I hardly played it, all we ever did was multiplayer, the true gem of this game.
Try to put this game down after playing it - it's impossible, it's just that good and that's the truth.

SOUND: 9/10
Okay, the sound was nice in the game. Sound effects were appropriate and didn't irk your nerves like a lot of games.
The music was good, but there wasn't enough selection. It was a Genesis game, though, so it's forgivable.
This game is the peak of Genesis graphics. Colorful, rich sprites running across excellently drawn backgrounds. No problems with the graphics in this game.
Arguably the best multiplayer game on the system, Wiz 'n Liz always had a good mixture of components. You run to turn everyone into a rabbit, then run back to get through the door before your opponent. My only problem is that I didn't like the lack of levels. Every level seemed the same.

A great game, with nearly no problems. If you are a Genesis owner, you owe it to yourself to buy this game. Maybe if enough people show interest, we can get it ported to a next-gen system like PS2 or Xbox. Ah, here's to wishing, huh? :)
This game is absolutely awesome.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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