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Reviewed: 08/22/02 | Updated: 08/22/02

The best arcade game on the genesis. Period.

Wiz & Liz for the sega genesis! Yay!

Storyline : 3/10

You play as one of two wizards who need to run around one of several themed, randomly-generated landscapes and rescue a bunch of rabbits before you run out of time. Seeing that this is an action game, it's not that important - just look at the Mario or Sonic series.

Gameplay : 10/10

Ah, memories. I remember renting this game for 3 days in sixth grade when the genesis was popular, playing it for approximately 20 minutes, deciding it was boring and repetitive, and not playing it again up until the day I had to return it. Then, I noticed the fruit system, and wound up keeping it 2 more days late. Throughout the levels, along with rabbits you can collect different types of fruit. These fruit go with you back to the level hub where they can be mixed to create different effects. If you play the easy game (8 levels, about 15 minutes of gameplay) you can beat the game easily without even using the fruit system. But if you play Normal Or Hard (32 and 64 levels respectively) you start dying VERY QUICKLY around level 12-15. The fruit system is extremely detailed - 14 different fruits (well, fruits, vegetables, and a mushroom) which can be paired to create TONS of different effects - 196 in total, I think. Mixing fruit can get you anything from a simple paint-program game to pong and breakout to bonuses in the normal game, shops where you can buy/sell fruit, and much much more.

Graphics/Sound : 7/10

The sprites are standard Genesis fare, but the details are great. There are tons of little inside jokes and media references all through the game, from the game changing your lives counter to SEVEN DWARVES LEFT when you die with eight, to the breakout minigame levels spelling secret messages when you get far enough. Nothing particularly ugly, very nice overall. The music is nice, pretty good for the Genesis, considering it's limited sound hardware.

Replayability : 10/10

Between the fruit system and the very high difficulty level in the later part of the normal/hard modes, there's definitely enough here to keep you busy for quite a while.

Rent Or Buy : Buy

It's a genesis game. You can get it for less than 10$ on eBay or any similar site, so if you haven't played it, just buy it. You'll enjoy it. And, chances are if you have played it and liked it as much as I did, you probably own it already.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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