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Move List and Guide by DEATHSCHILD

Updated: 04/16/2008

 System: Genesis

 By:     DEATHSCHILD darpeigh@aol.com

                 _                                   _
             /| / \-_____                     _____-/ \ |\
            / | \   \___ \                   / ___/   / | \       
           /   \_\   \  \|                   |/  /   /_/   \
           |      \   \        ___ ^ ___        /   /      |
           |       _   \      //  \_/  \\      /   _       |
           |      / \   |    //         \\    |   / \      |
            \    /   \__|   /|           |\   |__/   \    /
             \   |   / /   <  \_       _/  >   \ \   |   /
              \  |   | |   | /-\__ _ __/-\ |   | |   |  /
               \ \   | |   | \___//|\\___/ |   | |   / /        
                \ |  \_|    \ |   | |   | /    |_/  | /
                 \_\  \ \    <    \^/    >    / /  /_/       
                       \ \  / \/\_ _ _/\/ \  / /             
                        \_\/ / ||_|_|_|| \ \/_/ EAPONLORD                 
                         \_ /  \|     |/  \/_/             
                         |__|             |__|   
                          \  \           /  /    
                           \ |           | /     
                            \ \         / /
                             \|        |/          "(c) A-Gobin"



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profitable purposes. NO portions of this 'FAQ' may be changed, altered, 
displayed or reprinted in any Magazines, Websites or Anywhere else without
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                       -Trademark & Copyright info-

The original Weaponlord Logo is a TM of Namco Co. 

The Ascii Art above and the T&S, JIDA & JIDA's, TIO's technique's featured 
in this FAQ are: (c) copyright Anthony Gobin.

All Stories and Biographies were taken and written exactly as they were 
from the Manual.

WeaponLord TM and (c) 1995 Namco Hometek, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 
WeaponLord is a trademark of Namco Hometek, Inc.

SEGA and GENESIS are trademarks of SEGA Enterprises, LTD. 
All Rights Reserved. 

This FAQ/Guide is (c)copyright of Anthony Gobin  


 -WTF is this FAQ/Guide about?

This FAQ/Guide is intended for (but not limited too) the Genesis version of
WeaponLord, so if you have the SNES version of WL you should look at 
I did not put any codes or passwords in... that's what the codes section is 
for next to the Faqs & Guides.
This Guide is to help you understand WeaponLords different gameplay. It  
tells you the story for the tournament and the individual characters, it 
shows special moves and combos which are followed by some notes, which gives 
little tid-bit's on some character strategies. Everyone plays video games
differently, and when it comes to 2D fighters how someone plays and 
comprehends the game differs per individual who plays it (that didn't
make any sense did it?)....

I came to G-Faqs through a link, while I was going through it, I went to the 
games I was playing at the time, one of which was WeaponLord. I saw that the
Genesis Massage Board was empty so I went to the SNES board and saw it was
very active (at the time). One of the Topics was about 'Weapon Breaking' and
if they were actually in the game. So not wanting to get a User Account I
just popped in about once every other day to see if they found out how to 
Break Weapons yet (which they had not). So after several months I decided to
register, and created the topic "So you wish to Break Weapons" and the rest, 
is history.... 
At first I wanted to just do a 'Weapon Breaking' FAQ, then that turned into
a Combo FAQ, finally after doing 2 other FAQ's and seeing some so-called 
BAD reviews about WeaponLord, decided to do a full FAQ/Guide to show how
good & Original WeaponLord is.   


1) Story
   -The WeaponLord
2) Control
   -Basic Moves
   -Hold-Down Moves
   -Charge Moves
   -Instant-Motion Moves
3) Modes of Play
   -Story Mode
   -Arcade Mode
   -Versus Mode
    -Single Mode
4) Options
   -Key SetUp
5) GamePlay
   -Thrust Block
   -Weapon Breaks
   -Double Overs
   -HAIR Trimming
6) Characters
   -Moves List
8) -Odds & Ends 
9) History
10) Credits


In an age of conquerors, the Empire of the DemonLord Raith arises, 
Destroying all enemies in direct one-on-one combat, the Demon strengthens
his grip on the Empire. Ruling the land by a strict and merciles
Warrior's Code, the DemonLord reigns supreme for decades...

It was during his time of conquest that the Demon heard what came to be 
known as The Prophecy. He encountered a blind seer of the of the future, 
a prophet. The old man gripped his arm and foresaw:
"When the night turns violent and the moon bleeds, gripped by the 
skeletal fingers of death..a child shall be born under the Warrior's 
Moon. When this child survives the challenge of adolescence, it will rise 
to face the Demon in combat..and the Lord of Demons will fall by the hand 
of the WEAPONLORD...."
Later that night, in the heart of a strange but spectacular lunar 
eclipse known as the Warrior's Moon, a powerful force was unleashed. The 
Demon, against the advice of his generals to kill all the children born 
that night, took no action and waited for this WeaponLord to come. For 
the DemonLord Raith was a true warrior; even evil can have honor.
Two-and-a-half decades have passed, the time has come as the DemonLord 
Raith prepares to meet his destiny. Not afraid to face his foreseen doom, 
the Demon plans a grand tournament of champions. Spreading the word of 
unheard-of fortunes across many lands, he lures the world's greatest 
gladiators to the tournament. One of the top contestants should be the 
WeaponLord--a simple but solid plan to force a final confrontation....
The Demon's plan works well, perhaps too well. Out of hundreds 
contestants, six fighters born under the Warrior's Moon have risen to the 
top of the tournament, each entering for different reasons, each a 
magnificent fighter, and all unknowingly on a collision course with 
By mastering one of the six characters, only you can fulfill The Prophecy 
and become THE WEAPONLORD!

NOTE: If you want to know the individual characters background history then
play the Arcade Mode with any character it gives the reason why and some
background history per individual character after beating the game.   

-Pad Layout-
The basic 'default' control setup is for when a player is facing Right 
and using a Sega 6-Button control pad.
Note: If you are using a 3-Button control pad, you must press the START
button to switch between Forehand and Backhand swings.

D-Pad layout is as follows:

  UB   U   UF                  (Z)
    \  |  /     (-)       (Y) 
  B -- N -- F        (X)        (C)
    /  |  \                (B)
  DB   D   DF         (A)                 


 UB = Up-Back
 U  = Up
 UF = Up-Forward
 B  = Back
 N  = Neutral
 F  = Forward
 DB = Down-Back
 D  = Down
 DF = Down-Forward

Button layout is as follows:

 (X) = BackSlash  - B1
 (Y) = BackThrust - B2
 (Z) = BackStrike - B3
 (-) = Start
 (A) = ForeSlash  - F1
 (B) = ForeThrust - F2
 (C) = ForeStrike - F3

  [Hold-Down Moves]
A Hold-Down Move requires you to hold down the button and then do a 
D-Pad motion.
For example, to do Korr's Tarok Strike, you hold down F2 or F3 button, 
then press the D-Pad DB, D, DF, F then release the button you're holding 

  [Charge Moves]
A Charge Move involves holding the D-Pad in one direction for 
approximately one second, then pressing the D-Pad in the opposite 
direction to unleash the move. You may be required to hold down a button 
before or during the move, or push a button after the move. For example, 
to do Zorn's Hell Grinder, you Charge Back for one second, then push
Foward and hit B2 or B3. 

  [Instant-Motion Moves]
An Instant-Motion Move requires you to do a D-Pad motion and then
immediately press a button.
For example, to do Korr's Gut Slash, on the D-Pad press B, DB, D, DF, F, 
and immediately hit F2 or F3.

Throwing, everyone loves doing but hate having done too. Throws in WL are all
performed by a command (ala Zangeif screw-driver), none of which can be done
if your opponent is blocking, and all of which can be Thrust Blocked.

By holding back on the control pad against high & mid level attacks and 
down-back against low attacks you will not sustain any damage (unless you
block a special move or your gaurd gets knocked down by your opponent).

A combo is: A series of quick, well timed attacks/hits which are unblockable
after the initial first hit connects. The combos you see in this FAQ are 
just something to get you started and showing you the number of Different
ways of performing various combos in WL. Practice and practice frequently, and
remember; sometimes "simple is more," meaning, sometimes doing a simple 4 hit
combo is the difference between winning or getting decapitated by trying
to do a 7+ hit one, where there's more room for error. 

TIO's form the basis of most combos in WL. A TIO is a normal attack followed
quckly by a special move. Basically some frames of animation for the normal
move are canceled out when executing the special move. 

  [Chain Hit Combos]
A chain hit combo does not require the use of a two-in-one. Instead, you do a
series of normal moves that are too fast in sequence to block after the first 

Crossing up) is an attack that lets you hit your opponent behind his block. 
Cross Ups can be countered and are usaully done after you or your opponent have 
been knocked off your feet, your opponent will jump over or on top of you and 
do a certain 'Normal' attack which will have him landing behind you. Cross ups
are usaully safe to do (just don't attack too early or you'll be open for a 
counter attack). Neck attacks force your opponent to switch their gaurd 
(i.e. left to right) or get hit with a nasty combo.

Chipping (aka push away) tactic was started in SF2 and is normally done
when an opponent is blocking. Chipping is when you're in attack range from your 
opponent and you do a certain normal attack followed by projectile attack (or
any special attack that will not leave you vulnerable), which will do block 
damage on your opponent.

  [Block Damage]
B.D. (aka Tick Damage) happens when you or your opponent sustains damage when 
blocking/defending against special moves.     


When you begin WeaponLord, you can view the introduction, hold down any
button to speed up the text, or press Start to skip to the title screen. 
At the title screen choose from the following options:

  -Story Mode-
In the one-player STORY MODE, you must pick one character and stick with 
that hero from beginning to end. You will battle in the DemonLord's
tournament and learn more about your character's history and motives. You 
will receive four continue opportunities if you lose at any time during 
the tounament. If you manage to defeat the Demon and become the 
WEAPONLORD, be forwarned that you will not see a complete ending unless 
you select at least the Barbarian difficulty setting in the Options Mode.


  -Arcade Mode-
This mode plays just like any arcade fighting. In one-player game you 
will fight your way through the tournament. You are allowed to switch
characters; however you will not see a complete ending in this mode. 
Play STORY MODE if you want a full ending!
A second player can join in the action any time.

  -Verses Mode-
VERSES MODE is the best option to choose for a two or more player 
competition. A screen will appear with slots for up to eight players.
Enter each player's initial next to their appropiate slot.






Once Every player's initial's are entered, scroll down and choose
between the following options:


In SINGLE GAME mode, two players will fight a normal game. The winner 
stays to challenge the next opponent, the loser rotates out. The 
computer will announce whose turn it is by displaying their initials.

In the MATCH mode, you select either a 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5 or 4 out 
of 7 series. This is an extended version of the normal SINGLE GAME. 
Again, the computer will keep track of whose turn it is to challenge the 
defending barbarian champion!

The computer will also keep track of wins and losses on the Stats screen.
NOTE: Once you have picked your stage, hold down BUTTONS (A), (B) and (C), 
and then press START if you wish to change your Handicap or Key Setup.    


The OPTIONS MODE enables you to globally change many important settings
in WEAPONLORD. The options are:

To adjust any setting in the Options mode, move the curser to highlight 
one of the six listed above, then press the (A) and (B) Buttons.

-Difficulty: There are four difficulty settings. From easiest to hardest 
they are: Adventurer, Warrior, Barbarian and Warlord. Remmember, you must 
play at the Barbarian setting in the Story mode to see a complete ending!

-Number of Battles: Choose how many rounds you wish to fight when fighting
your opponents. You can choose from best 2 out of 3 rounds or 3 out of 5 

-Timer: You can turn the Timer either ON or OFF.

-BackGround Music: Use this option to turn the music ON or OFF.

-Key SetUp: This enables you to reassign any of the buttons for the swings. 
The Default settings are listed in the CONTROL section.   

-PassWord: as you progress in WeaponLord, you will receive passwords. If
you have one (or other types of password/s?!) enter it here. 


WeaponLords GamePlay is Weapon-to-Weapon only. Samurai Shodown was a Weapons 
based fighter but you could also fight Bare Handed if you lost your weapon. 
In WeaponLord the gameplay is a cross between SF2 and Samurai Shodown and 
then some. This section is going to tell you about WL's different and unique

 -THRUST BLOCK: The Thrust Blocks are an aggresive form of blocking. The 
Thrust Block will cause your opponent to recoil leaving them open/vulnerable 
for attack. You could easily stick with using normal defensive blocks, but 
then your opponent can hit you with an Opener (more on that later) which will 
make your normal blocks WORTHLESS. 
You must aim your Thrusts to where your opponent is attacking you. I.E. If 
your opponent is attacking you with a crouching swing than you'd do a 'LOW'
Thrust Block, use a 'HIGH' Thrust Block against air attacks, a 'MID' Thrust 
Block against Mid-level swings, and if you're jumping at your opponent you
can do a 'AIR' Thrust Block.

-LOW    -Hold F1 or B1 and press D on the D-Pad
-MID    -Hold F1 or B1 and press F on the D-Pad
-HIGH   -Hold F1 or B1 and press U on the D-Pad
-CROUCH -Hold F1 or B1 and press D, B on the D-Pad
-AIR    -While Jumping Hold F1 or B1 and press F on the D-Pad

 -OPENERS: An Opener (AKA a Guard Drop) is a certain Special Move used to 
crush your opponent's guard, which in turn leaves them open for a free hit, 
which in turn lets you either Toss them or start a Combo.

 -WEAPON BREAKS: When you brake an opponent's Blade, your only breaking off
the tip, unlike Samurai Shodown (which was the first to have weapon breaks), 
but instead of breaking the tip you shattered the whole weapon. To break off 
the tip of a Weapon you must first go Weapon-to-Weapon with a certain normal
Backhand or Forehand swing, and as you catch their weapon IMMEDIATELY 
two-in-one into a certain Special Attack. After a successful Weapon Break,
your opponents reach will be shortened and the amount of damage per-hit is 
decreased by a minimal amount. 
 "Any weapon can be broken EXCEPT Bane's."

I.E. with Talazia; go weapon-to-weapon with a standing BackSlash (X) and then 
immediately two-in-one into her Pheonix Strike.
Also, some characters can break weapons while either you or your opponent are 
crouching, which will be explained later.
Also note that Zorn is the only character who has 2 Catcher's and 2 Weapon
Break moves.

 -CATCHER: A Catcher is a certain normal Slash which will catch and freeze
your opponents attack, which in turn lets you Break their Blade. Keep in mind 
you have about 3/10ths of a second do the weapon breaker special move or it 
will act as you just going weapon-to-weapon and both characters will recoil. 
You must IMMEDIATELY two-in-one into the weapon breaker attack when trying to 
catch & break your opponents Blade.   

 -DEFLECTS: A deflect is almost like a Thrust Block in that it will catch your 
opponent's swing, knock it aside, then follow through as a hit. Some Special
Moves have hidden deflect capabilities.

 -TAKE DOWNS: A Take Down is a Special Move which will drag or knock your 
opponent off their feet, after which you'll be able to get up to 3 more hits 
when ther're on their BACK.

 -KNOCK DOWN: A knock down is almost identicle to a Take Down except you're 
are hitting them with a certain Special Move which in turn knocks them on 
their 'BUM'.

 -DOUBLE OVER: Take Downs & Knock Downs are good but not as good as a Double
Over. A double over is a Special Move which will let you extend/lengthen your
combos, letting you get more hits.

 -FATALITIES: WL has fatalities (multiple ones at that), but not like the ones 
found in the MK games. Fatalities can only be performed when your opponents 
life-bar is near empty, and in a combo. The easiest way to do a Fatality 
combo is by Thrust Blocking into a Two-in-One using one of the Fatality 
special move/s. The multiple fatalities "usaully" go in the following order:

 1 - Disembowel, Decap, Brain, Body Pulp.
 2 - Disembowel, Head Pulp, Body Pulp.
 3 - Frenzy, Decap, Body Pulp.
 4 - Disembowel, Curse Slam.
 5 - Skull, Body Pulp.
 6 - Decap, Body Pulp.

There's so many different ways you can do a fatality combo/s. There's not any
real order in performing them, it's pretty much how & what you want to do. I 
personally like to decapitate my opponent, then pulp their body which in 
turn leaves their head looking at YOU, the player/s (Laughs).  

 -JIDA: "Jumping-In Down Attack" is what JIDA means. To perform a JIDA you must 
First, Jump torwards your opponent and immediatly press Down on the D-Pad and
press the required button. A JIDA will cause 4-6% more damage then a normal
B3 or F3 slash.

 -JIDA'S: "Jumping-In Down Attack Stumble" is what JIDA'S stands for. This is
where the game feels incomplete. I've only been only been able to get this to
work with Zarak and Talazia about 8 out of 10 times, and a few times with Korr, 
Bane and Jen Tai. Basically in order to do a JIDA'S you must do a JIDA and then 
a certain normal attack (a T&S attack). When doing this you MUST do the JIDA as
late and as DEEP as possible (almost on the ground), most of the time you'll
have landed from jumping in.    

 -T&S: "Thrust & Stumble" is what T&S stands for. This is the BEST and most 
Annoying technique in WL, and if you want to master WL, will need to Learn. 
The T&S (as I have named it), is a combination of doing a 'Thrust Block' 
followed by doing a certain 'Normal Slash'. Basically you perform a Thrust 
Block from no more than a character length away from your opponent, then 
immediately follow up with a certain Normal Slash, which in turn leaves them 
vulnerable to attack causing them to 'Stumble' torwards you about 1-2 character 

 -BUFFERING: Is basically the storing of an awkward or complicated motion
while performing any attack/s.

 -HAIR TRIMMING: In WeaponLord you have the ability to cut (or have cut) your
opponents hair from either on the ground or while jumping in. You can do this 
via a Combo, or when your opponent is swinging at you and they're leaning 
forward which in turn leaves their Head exposed. It's kinda tricky to explain.
Well SS2 has a Doll move and WL has a Barber (that made sense didn't it, NOT).



This section will tell your characters Story followed by their Special
Moves List.

Below is a Layout of how the "Special Move" is going to look. First you'll 
see the Name of the Special Move followed by a letter/s in "(*)" marks which 
means it's a Fatality move & another letter/s in "<*>" marks which tells
you what the special move does ending with the motion.

  () = Fatality
  <> = Special Move Priority
I'll use one of Zorn's "Hold Down" Special Moves as an example:

              [1]        /                    [3]  
           _____\____  _/_   _________________/
          |          ||   | |   |
           -Hell Fire (DI), <WB>:
           Hold F2 or F3, motion D, DF, U

 [1] - Name of Special Move
 [2] - Fatality Move (use to either Decap, Disembowel etc...) 
 [3] - Special Move's Priority (a Take Down, Opener etc...)
 [4] - Motion used to perform Special Move 



(D)  = Decapitation
(B)  = Brain
(F)  = Frenzy
(S)  = Skull (Zarak & Talazia only)
(M)  = Mummy (Zarak only)
(GD) = Ground Decap (opponent has to be on ground)
(BP) = Body Pulp   
(HP) = Head Pulp
(DI) = Disembowel

 -Special Move Priorities:

<O>  = Opener
<C>  = Catcher
<DO> = Double Over
<TD> = Take Down
<DE> = Deflect
<KD> = Knock Down
<WB> = Weapon Breaker



Height: 20 Hands High (6'8")
Weight: 28 Stones (397 lbs.)
Age: 25
Weapons: Rock Warhammer, Bone Hook

Stage: Cursed Path


Bane is simply the most bestial, vicious, aggrssive warrior in the 
tournament, a real dark horse who has the raw power to rip other fighters 
apart limb from limb. It is rumored he killed a fearsome Sabretooth wolf 
once with his bare hands, and now his face is shrouded by a wolf's mask.
Bane's weapon of choice is a giant warhammer made from stone. This crushing
weapon is two feet in length with a 150-pound head. Bane's skill and 
agility with this warhammer belie his massive size, and his weapon
technique is almost without equal.
Bane is a total powerhouse, and he fights with a nonstop fervor. In addition 
to his warhammer which can break skulls, Bane also weilds a Bone Hook for
ripping techniques.
Currently Bane is stuck on a cursed mountain path, forced to stand guard
against his will. He must be patient, for the next fool to stumble onto the
pass, they will be forced to take Bane's place.

 [Hold-Down Moves]

-Berzerker (HP): 
Hold F2 or F3 press B, F, UF

-Cursed Kick (DE): 
Hold F2 or F3 press DF, DB, F

-Curse Slam (BP): 
Hold B2 or B3 press F, UF, U, D

-Hammer Blast <KD>: 
Hold F2 or F3 press U, B, D

-Skull Crusher (HP), <WB>: 
Hold B2 or B3 press B, UB, UF

 [Instant-Motion Moves]

-Fang Gutter (DI): 
B, DB, D, DF, F press F2 or F3

-Head Rocker (DE):
F, D, F press B2 or B3

-Iron Fist <OP>:  
B, DB, D, DF press B2 or B3

-Mutilator (BP):
D , D + B2 or B3 (keep pressing D & button for multiple hits)

-Power Hammer:
B, DB, D + F2 or F3


-JIDA: D + F2

-JIDA's: ???? (I've done it a few times with Standing B2).

-T&S: Standing B2 or Crouching F2  


Height: 18 Hands (6')
Weight: 15 Stones (210 lbs.)
Age: 25
Weapons: Twin-Bladed Staff

Stage: Evil Sands


Divada is a dark and mysterious warrior/sorceress who combines black magic
of her spells with the cold steel of her Twin-Bladed Staff. She is cool,
calculating, intelligent, alluring, and lethal - a well-rounded fighter, 
never to be underestimated. 
Divada's sorcerery is one of her greatest weapons. She lives in a gigantic,
ominous fortress atop a high hill, secluded from the rest of civilization.
Few know much about this stronghold of magic, but incredible pyrotechnic
displays often light the skies above the castle. Some say this is a sign of
Divada's power; others say it is a mark of the wealth and riches hidden in 
the castle.
Divava's already made her mark on the tournament. Many of her foes journied 
to her great castle thinking she would be an easy conquest, but Divada's 
surprising ferocity and cunning turned her foes into little more than husks
of corpses. Few know her motives and desires, but some say that if her power 
was unleashed, she would be more fearsome ruler than even the DemonLord 

 [Hold-Down Moves]   
-Ground Blast (BP), <KD>:
Hold B2 or B3 press UB, B, D

-Hell Deflect (DE):
Hold F2 or F3 press B, D, F

-Orb of Souls:
Hold B2 or B3 press U, U, UF

-Cancel Orb of Souls:
Hold B3 press U, UF, D (ONLY when doing her ORB-of-SOULS attack).  

-Power Flip (D & B):
Hold B2 or B3 press U, UF, D 

-Psycho Blades (F):
Hold F2 or F3 press U, UF, B

-Soul Displacer:
Hold F2 or F3 press D, D, F

 [Instant-Motion Moves]

-Death Whirl:
T, DB, F + F2 or F3

-Heel Kick (OP):
F, F + F2 or F3

-Soul Drill (HP & B):
B, DB, F + B2 or B3


-JIDA: ????

-JIDA's: ???? (need a JIDA in order to do a JIDA's)

-T&S: Standing F2



Height: 20.6 Hands High (6' 10")
Weight: 19 Stones (265 lbs.)
Age: 25
Weapons: Falchon and Spiked Sheild

Stage: Circle of Horns 


Out of all the arena masters, Jen-Tai is said to be the DemonLord's most
favored. She is the tallest, strongest, most imposing warrior ever to enter 
the battle circuit. She participates in the tournament as the final challenge
contestants must face before they reach the great DemonLord himself.
Jen-Tai started her carrer as a mercenary, selling her Sword to whoever could 
afford it. She was a soldier of fortune, conquering her enemies and acheiving
the glory due her.
Eventually Jen-Tai's path led her to the great arena fighting circuit. 
Jen-Tai decided to retire from her career as a mercenary and join the arenas
forthe sake of her love for swordplay.
Noble and proud Jen-Tai values honor above all else. She has no desire for 
violence or killing; the thrill of the combat and bettering herself is all
she lives for. She usally does not kill her opponents, instead sparing their
lives so that they may learn lessons from her and return to challenge her 

 [Hold-Down Moves]

-Back Blade Strike (D & B): 
Hold F2 or F3, motion F, B, BD, D, DF

-Death Blade (F):
Hold F2 or F3, motion F, DF, D, T

-Back Hand Blast (HP & B):
Hold B2 or B3, motion B, UB, F

-Ram Toss:
Hold F2 or F3, motion F, UF, U, B

-Sheild Smash <KD>:
Hold B2 or B3, motion D, DF, F

-Down Strike (GD):
Hold B2 or B3, motion U, U, D 

 [Insant-Motion Moves]

-Aura Strike:
F, DF, D, DB, B + B2 or B3

-Reverse Kick <OP>:
B, F + B2 or B3

-Leg Breaker (GP) <KD>: 
D, DF, F + F2 or F3

-Sheild Spike (DI):
B, F + F2 or F3


-JIDA: D + F2

-JIDA's:  Crouching B1 (works maybe 1 out of 20 times)

-T&S: Crouching B1 or Crouching B2



Height: 19 Hands High (6'3")
Weight: 20.5 Stones (288 lbs.)
Age: 25
Weapon: Broad Sword

Stage: Skull Gods


Born under the Warrior's Moon, Korr is the most gifted swordsman to emerge
from the Tarok tribe in generations. An incomparible physical speciman, Korr 
can defeat four of his mates with just a dagger. Using his devistating Broad 
Sword and refined techniques, Korr can lock blades with the best fighters who 
have ever walked the planet!
So adept is Korr that he was named Master Warrior, a title not bestowed on 
any other Tarok for two decades...except for one other, Korr's twin brother
Kang. Korr's (not identicle) twin has been missing for many years, no one
know's if he's even alive. Korr still hopes to one day hear word of his 
brother Kang.... 
Korr is aggressive but honorable and rarely uses any technique that could be 
considered underhanded. Since he met the DemonLord, he is on a personal 
mission to complete his training and prove his worth once and for all by 
deposing this dictator of the combat circuits.

 [Hold-Down Moves]

-360 Flame Strike (HP + B), <DE>:
Hold B2 or B3, motion F, U, UF

-Double Flame Strike:
Hold B2 or B3, motion D, DF, F, D

-Firestorm (F):
Hold F2 or F3, motion U, UF, D

-Heart Strike (BP):
Hold B2 or B3, motion U, U, D

-Tarok Strike (D & B):
Hold F2 or F3, motion DB, D, DF, F

-Power Deflect <DE>:
Hold B2 or B3, motion F, DF, D, DB

 [Instant-Motion Moves]

-Elbow Smash <KD>:
F, F + F2 or F3

-Gut Slash (DI):
B, DB, D, DF, F + F2 or F3

-Knee Tarok (D & B):
F, D, F + F3

-Power Kick <OP>:
B, F + B2 or B3

-Power Push:
F, DF, D, DB + B2 or B3


-JIDA: D + B2

-JIDA's: Standing F1 (when doing Korr's JIDA, you must land about 1"
                      in front of your opponent).

-T&S: Standing F1



Height: 17.5 Hands High (5'10")
Weight: 11.5 Stones (163 lbs.)
Age: 25
Weapons: Claw Shield and Talon Blade

Stage: Trees Tops


The lithe, beautiful and deadly Talazia has the presence and mannerisms of a 
falcon. She has the primal intincts of a great avian hunter, and she swoops 
onto her foes and rips them without mercy.
Talazia has a penchant for being a loner. She often climbs to the tops of the 
tallest trees and stares longingly into the sky. Somehow she knows a part of 
her existence has been stolen.
Talazia trained among the best of her tribe, and to the surprise of many of 
the leaders, she has become the most talented and vicious fighter the tribe 
has ever seen. It must be the true spirit in her blood, unforgiving and 
Talazia's unorthodox fighting style matches her free spirit. She wields a 
Claw Shield used for blocking and shredding a Talon Blade flying disk which 
can extend to attack opponents or be used as a projectile.

 [Hold-Down Moves]

-Air Frenzy (F):
Hold F2 or F3, motion U, F, UF

-Air Tear (S & GP):
Hold B2 or B3, motion U, UF, F

-Double Talon Strike: 
Hold F2 or F3, motion F, D, F

-Falcon Strike <OP>:
Hold F2 or F3, motion U, UB, B

-Pheonix Strike (HP):
Hold B3, motion B, DB, D, F

-Reverse Claw (HDO):
Hold B2 or B3, motion U, U, D

-Rip Claw (TD):
Hold F2 or F3, motion B, DB, D, DF

 [Instant-Motion Moves]

-Prey Launch: 
DB, D, T + B2 or B3

-Shadow Deflect <DE>:
F, DF, B + F2 or F3

-Talon Blade (D):
B, D, B + B2 or B3

-Kick Up:
F, UF, U + F3


-JIDA: D + B2

-JIDA's: Crouching B2

-T&S: Crouching B1



Height: 21 Hands High (7'1")
Weight: 31 Stones (435 lbs.)
Age: 25
Weapon: Guillotine (staff/axe/spear weapon)

Stage: Destiny Battle


Zarak is a consummate warlord, maybe even more ruthless than any who came 
before him. He rules his extensive empire with an iron fist, but unlike other 
warlards he takes a personal interest in his conquest. He defeats all 
challengers in one-on-one combat!
From the repulsive living spider helmet which protects and aids him in battle 
to the evil demon's glint of his eyes, The DemonLord provokes fear in all but 
the most stalwart, experienced fighters! But most awe-inspiring of all is his 
legendary weapon, Guillotine. Zarak's own creation, this unique combination 
of staff, axe, and spear has been used without mercy to execute all manner of 
men, creatures, beasts...even other demons.
Zarak's fighting style is possibly the most diverse of all the contestants. 
There is not a single tactic, technique or maneuver the DemonLord will 
exclude from his arsenal. He often switches between aggressive and defensive 
stances to keep his opponents off-guard.
Knowing that the prophecy is at hand, Zarak is holding the great tournament 
to find the WeaponLord for the final confrontation. Zarak is convinced that 
with his demon's powers and awesome fighting skills he has the ability to 
change destiny...maybe he is right.

 [Hold-Down Moves]

-Chaos (F):
Hold B2 or B3, motion F, U, UF

-Guillotine Strike (D & BP), <WB>:
Charge down 1 sec., Hold B2 or B3 motion U, UF

-Power Slice (DI):
Hold F2 or F3, motion U, UF, B

-Warp Spider (S):
Hold B2 or B3, motion U, UB, B

-Web Slap:
Charge back 1 sec., Hold F2 or F3, F

-Widow Grip (BP):
Charge back 1 sec., Hold B2 or B3, motion DF, F

 [Instant-Motion Moves]

Inferno (BP), <WB>:
F, DF,DB + B2 or B3

-Power Vault <OP>:
B, DB, F + F2 or F3

-Web Rip (Mummy), <TD>:
F, DF, DB + F2 or F3


-JIDA: D + F2

-JIDA's: Crouching F2 

-T&S: Crouching F2



Height: 18.5 Hands High (6'2")
Weight: 16 Stones (225 lbs.)
Age: 25
Weapons: Ivory Axe and Skull Shield

Stage: Dragon Arena


Zorn is a "jack-of-all-trades" to his comrades..a "thief" to his accusers. 
But this can never be proven of course, because he's too damn good at his 
work. Zorn has dabbled in magic and is a strong fighter.
Zorn loves to live the high life. He collects the finest weapons and 
armaments and values wealth above all else...except maybe alluring women. He 
thinks he is the baddest ass around and will go to any length to prove his 
boasts. Maybe that's his only weakness, he's so damn cocky.
Recently Zorn acquired a particularly fine set of weapons. He got an Ivory 
Axe so sharp it could split the hair on a pit beast's back and a Bone Shield 
Though others have told Zorn it looks like a hideous orc's skull, Zorn is 
convinced the shield is incredibly powerful. 
Zorn is generally a defensive fighter, but his huge ego compels him to find 
ways to win. His crowd-pleasing tactics and natural abilities have earned him
a slot as one of the DemonLord's arena masters, second in status only to

 [Hold-Down Moves]

-Axe Lift:
Hold F2 or F3, motion F, UF, UB

-Corpse Striker (GD):
Charge down 1 sec., Hold B2 or B3, motion U, UF

-Demon Axe (D + B), (WB):
Charge back 1 sec., Hold F2 or F3, motion DF, F

-Hell Fire (DI & B), <WB>:
Hold F2 or F3, motion D, DF, U

-Scream Shield (B):
Hold B2 or B3, motion F, U, F

-Shield Crack <OP>:
Hold B2 or B3, motion U, B, D

 [Instant-Motion Moves]

-Ancient Axe:
B, DB, F + B2 or B3

-Axe Trip <TD>:
B, DF, DB + F2 or F3

-Roll <DE>:
F, DF, D, DB + F2 or F3

-Hell Grinder (F & BP):
Charge back 1 sec., F + B2 or B3


-JIDA: ????

-JIDA's: ???? (don't know his JIDA attack).

-T&S: Crouching F2  


I'm going to label the combos into 5 categories:


The percent of damage done in combos is for when you do the combo to an 
opponent with a  FULL health bar. So if you were to do a combo that does 28% 
damage on a full health bar then do the same combo when their health is in 
the Red, it will only do about 24% damage.

ALL Fatality Combos listed in this FAQ are done with your opponent having 
10% or less on their energy bar, and using the "T&S" technique.
Most of the time when doing a Fatality Combo and after you Decapitate your 
opponent you'll want to Juggle the falling HEAD, the easiest way is by 
Thrust Blocking it (the Head) however many times needed to set it up so you 
can BRAIN, after which you BODY PULP.

Also following the Fatality Combos will be a 'NOTES' section which I'll
explain about the characters combo system and give some strategies on the 
individual character/s.   

Below is a layout of how the 'Combo' is going to look. Again, I'll use one 
of Zorn's combos as in example:

   [1]_____         ____________________________[3]
         | |       |                     |
          3, 28% - JI. C, st. B, Hellfire
 [1] - Number of hits              
 [2] - Percent of damage that combo does (to a Full health bar)
 [3] - The Combo

Refer to the following 'KEY' shortcuts below for what means what:

cr = Crouching
st = Standing
JI = Jump In
VJ = Vertical Jump (press up on D-Pad + specified button)               
JIDA = Jump-In Down Attack

All the combos you see in this 'FAQ' are started by you "Jumping In" at your
opponent, either using the Z or C button, and are done with a 6 button
control pad. You can use the original 3-button sega pad (in which you'll
use the 'Start' button to toggle between the Forward & Back slashes), but the 
6-button pad is a lot easier.

The combos in WeaponLord are like most other combos found in other unique 
fighting games. Yes, Two-in-Ones form the basis of WL's combos but with 
Double Overs, Take Downs etc.. enhance WeaponLords gameplay & depth.



4, 25% - JI C, st X (2 hits), Head Rocker.

4, 33% - JI Z, st C, Cursed Kick.

5, 37% - JI Z, st X (2 hits), Curse Slam.                


6, 52% - JI C, st X (2 hits), Fang Gutter, st B, Curse Slam.

7, 62% - JI Z, st C, Fang Gutter, st C , Berserker.


10, 70% - JI C, st Z, st X (2 hits), Fang Gutter, st B, cr Y, Berserker.

10, 78% - JI Z, st Z, st B, cr Y, Fang Gutter, st B, cr Y, Hammer Blast, 
          cr Y, Cursed Slam.


11, 80+% - JIDA, st Y, st Z, st X (2 hits), Fang Gutter, st B, st Y, 

12, 100% - JI Z, st Z, st B, cr Y, Fang Gutter, st Z, st X, cr Y, 
           Hammer Blast, Skull Crusher, cr Y, Cursed Slam.


4 - T&S, st A (2 hits), Curse Slam.


Bane's a well rounded character whose only fault could be that most of his
slashes are slow. His B1 slash is quick, persistant, does 2 hits, and 
you'll find yourself using it in combos often. 
His Special Attacks do a decent amount of damage with his Bezerker hurting 
the most. 
The Berzerker does require a Triple Thrust Block, but if your 
opponent is keen (and observent) will be able to connect with a B2/F2
attack in the middle of it after the initial first TB.
Another good attack of Bane's (when done from a distance) is his Head Rocker,
its fast, can deflect your opponents attacks and has little recovery time.



3, 34% - JI Z, st B, Power Flip. 
6, 39% - JI C, st Z (1 hit), Psycho Blades.


6, 53% - JI C, st Z (1 hit), Ground Blast, st X, st B, Death Whirl.

5, 54% - JI C, st Z (1 hit), Ground Blast, st C, Power Flip.


7, 67% - JI C, VJ + Z (2 hits), st Z, Ground Blast, st Z, Power Flip.

9, 55% - T&S, st Z, Orb of Souls, st B, st X, Psycho Blades.


9, 80% - JI C, VJ + Z, VJ + Z, st Z (1 hit), Ground Blast, st Z (1 hit),
         Power Flip.

10-11, 78-81% - JI C, VJ + Z (2 hits), st Z (1 hit), Ground Blast, 
                st Z (1 hit), Psycho Blades, st B, Death Whirl.


6 - T&S, st Z, Power Flip, Thrust Block (2 times to juggle head), Power Flip, 
    Ground Blast.


Both the standing Z or C button attacks will hit twice, when you see either
of these attacks used in ANY of Divada's combos they are meant for ONE HIT
ONLY unless otherwise noted.
Divada's 'VJ + Z' attack is just that. You normally jump in with a B3 or F3
attack then you immediatly jump straight up while simultaneously pressing 
the Z button (it'll take some time to get used to).
Divada's 2 most annoying attacks are her Soul Drill & Soul Displacer. The
Soul Drill attack is annoying because it can over power a standing T-Block, 
which sounds good right, but will let them recover in time to counter attack.
Divada's Soul Displacer attack has a 'hidden deflect' ability, but on the 
negative side is easy to TB and counter (none the less an annoying attack).
Another effective attack for Divada is her Ground Blast, when poking with
the G-Blast make sure you're about 2 or more character lengths away from your
opponent, so you're out of range of their T&S.
Divada can also cancel out of her "Orb of Souls" at any time and can do an
air attack using any of her normal attacks. 


3, 28% - JI Z, st C, Sheild Smash.

4, 37% - JI C, st B, Back Blade Strike.


5, 39% - JI Z, st Z, st B, Aura Strike.

7, 67% - JI Z, St Z, st C, Sheild Spike, st C, Back Blade Blade.


9, 68% - JI Z, st Z, st C, Sheild Spike, st C, Leg Breaker, st C,
         Death Blade.


11, 71% - JI Z, st Z, st Y, st B, Sheild Spike, st Y, st B, Leg Breaker,
          st C, Death Blade.


6 - T&S, st B, Sheild Spike, st B, Back Hand Blast, Leg Breaker.


Jen Tai's C & Z slashes have excellent range but are slow, so avoid using them
when going weapon-to-weapon. Jen Tai is best played counter/defensively (if 
that made any sense).
Jen Tai's Back Blade Strike has excellent range, priority & does great damage 
(as much as Korr's Knee Tarok) so you want to use it in combos that you don't 
do a knock down on your opponent. Her Aura Strike is another good, fast attack.
Like a few other characters in WL sometimes just doing simple T&S_Two-in-One 
combos do almost as much damage as the higher number combos.
Jen Tai's standing B1 & B2 slashes have good range and are excellent for 
Also note that the beginning (first few frames of animation) part of her Aura
Strike will deflect your opponents attack, and will not knock them off their 
feet, enabling you to combo or do a death combo.  



3, 24% - JI C, st Y, Power Push.

3, 34% - JI C, st Z, Tarok Strike.

4, 37% - JI C, st Y, Double Flame Strike.


6, 55% - JI C, st Z, Gut Slash, st Y, Knee-Tarok Strike.

8, 58% - JI C, st Z, Gut Slash, st Z, Firestorm.


8, 70% - JI C, st Z, Gut Slash, st Z, st Y, Elbow Smash, st Z,
         360 Flame Strike.


10, 80+% - JI C, st Z, Gut Slash, st Z, st Y, Elbow Smash, st Y, cr C,
           Knee-Tarok Strike.


6 - T&S, st Y, Knee Tarok, Thrust Block (2 times to juggle head), 
    Tarok Strike, Heart Strike.


Korr has one advantage over every character in WL: He has a fast Drop 
ratio, meaning after you do a Takedown or Knockdown move on him, he falls
like a BRICK making it hard (or challenging) to juggle him.
Almost all of Korr's regular & special attacks have excellent range and 
good priority. Korr's 'Knee-Tarok Strike' is best used in combos and
not when going weapon-to-weapon. Korr's best 2 attacks are: Tarok Strike and
360 Flame Strike. The Tarok Strike has little to none recovery time if 
T-Blocked, and the first part of the 360 Flame Strike has a 'hidden deflect' 
ability that will not knock your opponent down letting you follow up with a 
combo (when perfoming it with B2).
The only disadvantage Korr really has is, 5 of his 6 standing normal slashes 
leave him open to having his weapon broken, and he's the only character that
this really effects, in that he'll lose about 2/5 of his attack range. But 
on the plus side (again) he's one of the ONLY characters who can 'CATCH' and
'Weapon Break' while crouching most normal slashes (I tell you). 



4, 35% - JI Z, st Y, Double Talon Strike.

3, 36% - JI Z, st C, Pheonix Strike.


5, 49% - JI Z, st C, Rip Claw, st B, Prey Launch.

9, 60% - JI Z, st Y, Kick-Up, cr Y, Air Frenzy.


11, 87% - JI Z, st C, Reverse Claw (B2 ONLY), st C, st Y, Kick Up, cr Y,
          Air Frenzy.

12, 100% - JI Z, st C, Reverse Claw (B2 ONLY), st C, st Z, Rip Claw, st C, 
           Air Frenzy. 


13, 100% - JIDA, cr B, st C, Reverse Claw (B2 ONLY), st C, st Y, Kick Up,
           st Y, Air Frenzy.

15, 100% - JI Z, st, C, Reverse Claw (B2 ONLY), st C, Reverse Claw (B2 ONLY)
           st C, Reverse Claw (B2 ONLY), st Z, st Y, Kick Up, cr Y, 
           Air Frenzy.


7, T&S, st Y, Talon Blade, Thrust Block (2 times to juggle head) 
   Pheonix Strike, Air Tear. 


Talazia's 'Air Frenzy' is the most damaging (and painful) attack in WL, when
using it in combos using the B2 (short version) is most effective. Some of
her combos using her 'Rip Claw' attack might have to be altered (especially
on Korr).
Talazia's Talon Blade is the fastest projectile in WL and has a decent
recovery time. So once you know its priority, don't be afraid to abuse it.
When doing Talazia's Reverse Claw special, only when doing it using the B2
button can you use it in a combo.
Talazia's only drawback would be her Lack-of-Range with almost all of her
normal attacks and about half of her special attacks.
Also keep in mind that on 99% of the combos listed for Talazia if your
opponent is in the corner you can do her Talon Blade at the end of her combos
(after the Air Frenzy) for an extra hit.
And the number of hits her Air Frenzy does depends btween where your opponent
is in the air during her Kick Up and Rip Claw.     



3, 24% - JI C, st Y, Power Vault.

3, 34% - JI C, st Z, Inferno.


5, 50% - JI C, st Z, Web Rip, cr B, Widow Grip.

5, 55% - JI C, st C, st Z, st Y, Inferno.

7, 64% - JI C, st Z, st Y, Web Rip, 


7, 67% - JI C, st C, st Z, st Y, Web Rip, crB, Widow Grip.

9, 83% - JI C, st Z, Power Slice, st Y Web Rip, cr B, cr C,
         Guillotine Strike, Warp Spider.


11, 95% - JIDA, cr B, st C, st Z, cr Y, st Y, Web Rip, cr B, cr C,
          Guillotine Strike, Warp Spider.

4, T&S, st Z, Web Rip, Widow Grip (will cut body in half).


Zarak is a large character, and has some poor or slow normal attacks which puts 
him at a disadvantage. Where some characters you will not be able to perform a 
certain combo on, Zarak is not one of them, you can pretty much do any and ALL
combos to Zarak.
On the plus side, Zarak's 11 hit WTF combo has no setbacks and can be performed
on all characters (even Korr). 
Zarak's not a bad character, its just most of his special attacks & normal 
attacks are not the fastest, so when going Weapon-to-Weapon or after doing a 
T&S it's best to stick with his B2 slash this attack is his best in-close and 
combo friendly (meaning you can normally do a crouching then standing B2 in 
Another positive for Zarak is he has the best chain combos in WL.
PLEASE NOTE, when doing Zarak's Weapon Break you must be about 1-2 character
lengths away from your opponent and have it so the back-top tip of the Inferno
hits the breakable part of their weapon. 
Zarak like Korr can also catch and break weapons while crouching.     



3, 28% - JI C, st B, Hellfire.

3, 30% - JI Z, cr C, Axe Lift.


6, 55% - JI Z, cr C, cr B, Axe Trip, cr B, Axe Lift.

7, 57% - JI C, st C, Axe Trip, cr C, Hell Grider, Ancient Axe.

6, 59% - JI C, cr C, cr B, Demon Axe, Ancient Axe.


8-9, 67-73% - JI Z, cr C, cr A, cr B, Axe Trip, cr B, Hell Grinder, 
              Ancient Axe.

9-11, 72-80% - JI Z, cr C, cr A, cr B, Axe Trip, cr B, cr C, Hell Grinder, 
               Ancient Axe. 


9, T&S, st B, Hell Fire, st B, Demon Axe, Thrust Block (2 times to juggle head)
   Screaming Sheild, Hell Grinder.


Zorn's 'Expert' combo is pretty much his most damaging combo. Even if your
opponent is in a corner you can't really get any more hits on them (ok you
can, but only if their Life is in the RED and in a Corner). Also keep in mind 
that Zorn's Ancient Axe will not hit characters like Korr, Divada, Talazia and 
Zorn after doing his Hell Grinder at the end of a combo (only if they're in a 
Zorn's best and most annoying attack is his DEMON AXE, in that your opponent 
will have to do a Double Thrust Block (one right after the other). What I'm
saying is... Abuse it like hell, it's his most devastating attack (and the 
games for that matter).
Most of the time just sticking with Zorn's simple 4-hit combos are just as 
effective as a 9-hit combo.
Another good move is the Screaming Shield, it has a deflect ability and
when done from a distance makes a nice combo starter (so abuse it).
A good Push-Away tactic with Zorn (from afar) is: Standing C, Ancient Axe. 

 -Anyone Notice/d-

That sometimes when you do the same combo either by 'Jumping In' or the 'T&S'
they differ in their priorities? Hmm, what's that mean. I'll give an example 
with one of Zorn's combos:

JI C, st A, st B, Axe Trip, cr B, Hell Grinder, (Ancient Axe?).

Now if you do the same combo using the T&S instead of jumping in, the following

T&S, st A, st B, Axe Trip, cr B, Hell Grinder, Ancient Axe.

Note that the cr. B (after the Axe Trip) followed by the Hell Grinder, you'll
be able (or should) get 4 hits instead of 2.... and the cr. B will keep your
opponent lifted in the air longer (even Korr). This is just something to keep 
in mind when playing WL.

8) ODDs & ENDs

1st - Learn to Thrust Block. Thrust Blocking in WL is 4 times easier than
learning how to 'Parry' SF3.

2nd - Learn the T&S technique (you'll be glad you did).

-Most special moves in Primal Rage required multiple bottons held to execute,
the Hold Down moves, in WeaponLord only requires one button.

 Multiple ENDING'S:

-To see Zarak's full ending you must kill both Korr & Bane.
-To see Korr's alternate ending kill Bane. 

-For those of you who like high number combos?!: If your opponents life is in 
the RED portion (and they're in or near the corner) you can get a few more
hits. Here's a 14 hit combo example with Korr (sometimes you can get 15 or
even 16 hits, if you can keep them from touching the ground?!): 

JI C, st Z, Gut Slash, st Z, st Y, Firestorm, st Z, Elbow Smash, st Z,

-And for those who like double digit numbers that are in the 60-70's range, 
it's quite simple. Just do a long death combo, Decapitate your opponent and 
instead of 'Braining' your opponents falling head, just Thrust Block it. If you
use the Mid or High level Thrust Block it'll knock the Head up (like a high 
bounce ball). Each time you TB the Head, the less higher it'll go up. The 
first few Thrust Blocks you do on the Head will only hit it once until the 
Head starts to go no higher than your body than you'll start to get between 
2-4 hits with each TB. When the Head starts to go no higher than your knees, 
you start using the Low TB to juggle it or you can do a - cr X (rapidly).

Q) - Are there infinite combos in WL?
A) - If you look at a couple of the combos I have listed! You might notice
     a certain pattern.... 

Infinite vs 100% combo:

-An infinite combo is where you do either a certain move or moves over and 
over again making it impossible for your opponent to recover, until their 
health is depleted.

-A 100% combo is just a combo which will do 100% damage. You're not actually
doing the same few moves repeatedly. And these take/require much more
skill to execute.

-Some Special Moves have hidden abilities. I.E. Deflect or Double Over?!.

-Be patient, WeaponLord is not a game you'll master in a few days or even 

-Also please keep in mind that 'EVERY' Attack (even throws) in WL can be 
Thrust Blocked, so be careful.


-I've seen some FAQS that have an explanation of what the Special Moves do, and
what they look like, I found this to be 'Wasted or Filling Space'. You'll
see what the Move does & looks like when you execute/perform it.    

-PRACTICE MODE, WL does not have one, but if you want to practice or Train just
go into VS mode and you're set.

-Anti-Air Attacks, since you can T-Block any and all attacks in WL they're
really are none. Yes, there are certain attacks that could be considered 
Anti-Air, that are like a Dragon Punch or Flash Kick but only if your
friend/opponent has never played WL before can you use them like that.

HELP - If someone knows either Divada's or Zorn's 'JIDA' attack please let
       myself or Nani mo know. (cough, "DJAMES" cough).

UpDate - Had a chance to ask DJames on SRK and he explained everything he knew
         about why they're not in the game.

POSSIBLE BUGS - Zorn's 2 hit jumping Z, and his extended Roll attack?!....


02/01/02 - Started comfirming info for WL Combo FAQ.
02/25/02 - Started layout for (Genesis) WL FAQ.

2004     - Started back on (Genesis) WL FAQ.

03/10/04 - Reconfigured FAQ Layout.
12/06/04 - Made 'Combos' into own section.
12/10/04 - A problem occured with computer (sigh).

05/18/05 - Got new computer guts (Windows XP) which Fixed computer.      
05/30/05 - Added a 'Notes' section....
06/18/05 - Added the known JIDA's into moves list section.
07/11/05 - Double checked FAQ/Guide (sigh), I still most likely missed
           something....And sent it in "As Is."

2006     - DJames 1st post on gamesfaqs: "Play it Real not Emulated."
           Which was quite the surprise hearing from the man who created one of
           (if not) the most technical and deepest fighting games to date!

12/20/07 - Added some more Fatality information.
02/02/08 - Someone started a WL thread on SRK, at which DJames started posting,
           so I asked him about Zorn and Divada's Jumping Down attacks, to 
           which he pretty much explained why they are not in the game.
04/15/08 - Went through to check for error's, and cleaned it up a little by
           separating the combos so you can read/understand them better. 
           And sent it in again, "As Is."

10) CREDIT/S....

-YOU, for reading this FAQ.
-Sega, for making the Genesis system.
-DJAMES and his crew for making a different kind of fighter.
-Namco, for letting DJAMES make WeaponLord. 

-Gamefan & Gamers' Republic magazine's (R.I.P.) 


-The Pastmaster & Asekera (other than myself were the only 2 others who played 
 the Genesis version of WeaponLord).

-All you 2D Fighting Freaks out there who never judge a book by its cover.

Special Thanks:

-Nani Mo, for doing a good breakdown on your SNES WeaponLord FAQ.

-Nick Rox & Slasher Quan for their Strategy Guide in GAMEFAN Vol. 3, Issue #9,
 your 9-hit Bane combo helped me create 2 unique 10+ hitters with him, Thanks.

-JLo, for the Talazia's, 'Kick Up' moves motion. 

COPYRIGHT(c) 2005 Anthony Gobin.


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