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Save State Hacking Guide by bcfis

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/04/2003

                 Warriors of the Eternal Sun Hexadecimal Codes

    1) Introduction
    2) How to use Hexadecimal codes
    3) Codes
    4) Questions
    5) Contact
    6) Legal Copyright



0.5: I'm just starting out everything. - 12/12/01
1.0: I'm done (cheater different work). - 13/12/01  (12/13/01)
1.1: I think I'm going to update it sometime... - 25/1/03  (1/25/03)



Well, one day I was playing D&D WOTES and I thought: what would happen if my
fighter got 25 of strength? Then, I used Cheat O'matic to change the value
while I was creating the party. But I started the game and... crap, I didn't
got the max damage as I thought I would. What was the problem? Oh, the level
isn't maxed out! So, let's cheat again, using O'matic to change the value of
the experience. But it didn't find that value. So I've got to go to the
Internet to find a program that could change that value. Then I've find a hex
editor to change it. With that editor, which was Hex Workshop, I've got some
work and I didn't find it. In the Net again, I've searched many programs like
that and, guess what? Hex Workshop was the best hex editor I could find. So I
needed to cheat with it, or I wouldn't be the best cheater ever. After a while,
I did find all the values I could find and wanted to teach it to somebody, so
here I am.
This isn't the real story, but is a cool one (apart from I being the
best cheater ever, that is true)! Well (not a lie now), in this document, you
will find all you want (I think) about hex cheating in D&D WOTES.
I didn't put too much work in this, but what cheater would want work?
If you don't know, Cheat O'matic is a program made to easily cheat without
having to know about hex, and Hex Workshop is IMO, the best hex editor.
To better seeing this document, use Comic Sans Ms  10 pt.


IMO=in my opinion


2)How to use Hexadecimal Codes

If you have never used hexadecimal codes, then you've gotta read this section.
First, download Hex Workshop from http://www.bpsoft.com/. Then download genesys
from any site you can find it. After that, get the WOTES rom (if you don't know
what is a rom, then you should stop reading this). Start genesyst and run WOTES
Select your party, and after you take control of your party, save state
(remember which slot you've saved it) and exit. Now, open Hex Workshop and load
the WOTES rom name.gs and the slot you saved it (eg. DD-War.gs0). In Edit, goto
put the address that you want to change (they are in the code section). Then,
you will get into a number you want to change. Now change to the value you
want (in hexadecimal system). E.g. I want to change the first player strength,
which the address is b5f6.Then I have to go to goto option in Hex Workshop, and
put b5f6. Now the number I want to change will appear. As I want to change that
value to 25, I'll just write 19 (that is 25 in hexadecimal system).
To make it easier, I've made an comparation between decimal (the number we are
used to) and hexadecimal system:

D      H
1      01
2      02
3      03
4      04
5      05
6      06
7      07
8      08
9      09
10     0A
11     0B
12     0C
13     0D
14     0E
15     0F
16     10
17     11
18     12
19     13
20     14
21     15
22     16
23     17
24     18
25     19
26     1A
27     1B
28     1C
29     1D
30     1E
31     1F
32     20
33     21
34     22
35     23
36     24
37     25
38     26
39     27
40     28
41     29
42     2A
43     2B
44     2C
45     2D
46     2E
47     2F
48     30
49     31
50     32
51     33
52     34
53     35
54     36
55     37
56     38
57     39
58     3A
59     3B
60     3C
61     3D
62     3E
63     3F
...       ...



Now we've got into the cool section. The first player is the first person on
the screen, the second is the second,... The name is how you call that guy,
and you can change the letters easily if you are using Hex Workshop, as the
letters are on the right of the screen. Well, the atributes I don't need to
explain. The experience is the most complicated, as if you put a number in
some addresses, that number will multiply itself by the number in the ( ).
The gold is like the experience.

First Player:




Second player:




Third player




Fourth player:




Gold: I will put it in the next version.

The attributes are before equiped(if you have 10 of strength and are wearing
the Gauntlets of Ogre power, you can change the real value that the power with
the gauntlets will be 18 always).



If you've got any questions about this guide, mail me (the e-mail address is at
the Contact section)



You can contact me at bruno_fiss@yahoo.com.br.


6)Legal Copyright

WOTES, or Warriors Of The Eternal Sun(R) and D&D(R) are copyright (C) 1995 TSR
(R). Cheat O'matic is copyright (C) 1997 Nick Shaffner. Hex Workshop(R) is
copyright BreakPoint((R) Software. All the other parts are 100% copyright (C)
2001-2003 bcfis. This document can't be selled and you can't leech any part at
all of this document to make your own guide. You can't put it in your site
without MY permission, and, with the permission or not, you can't edit it at
all. You can print this, but just for personal use. If you do anything that
you can't, I'll easily sue you for copyright infringement.
The sites that can post it without asking me are:


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