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Reviewed: 01/15/02 | Updated: 01/15/02

The Justice of Valis

The Valis series has truly been my favorite. I hope someday people will stop thinking Yuko is just some pretty anime girl in a bikini. She is to bold and just to be only thought of as this. This game is still my 3rd Favorite game of all time (1st Zelda LTTP) (2nd Popful mail). This is Truly a great title for the old Sega system.

Story 10/10
A Very complex storyline. Some time ago a woman named Yuko received the offer to save the three worlds and to wield the Valis Sword a true holy weapon. Yuko must help save Dreamland and protect Earth and the Darkworld. In this chapter the Darkworld is going to be destroyed and nothing can stop it so the king known as Glames wants to take over the earth and dreamland to save his people. Not if its protector has anything to say about it. But to her surprise Glames holds the counterpart to the Valis sword, the dark sword Leethus. Will Yuko and her new found friends Cham the demon girl from the Darkworld and Valna sister of Yuko and helper of dreamland help this earth girl save the planets or will we all share the fate of the dark world. I told you its complex

Graphics 8/10
Nice backgrounds for its time and cool animated scenes. The only reason for the lower score is because the characters face is blotched so you can most likely make them out. But it doesn’t look right. Besides this everything else is made well.

Control 9/10
The controls are simple and nice, not hard to control yet difficult enough. The only problem is sliding since it uses the same button to switch your character. It clears up in the final battle but can be annoying in the caves where you need to slide to survive.

Sound 10/10
Cool sound all the way. Simple soothing and just right for the situation. In the ice caves I hear the music and I feel cold and on the roof I feel I’m about to fall ^_^. It’s good for letting you focus on what’s ahead and motivating to let you slash your enemies.

Replay 10/10
I remember the first day I brought it home and thought of using Game Genie but I like trying the game first. I got all the way to the boss on my first try but then had to quit (at 2 am) anyway so I played again the next day and enjoyed everything again. This is a game worth playing many times although the ending never changes the picture of Yuko standing there has inspired me completely. It’s her face and her look that made me love this game.

Overall 10/10 (or 57/60)
Wonderful imaginative and fun. What else could you want but more? It’s short and sweet and just right for a inspiration. Thanks to a Internet swords site I even had a sword made in the likeness of the Valis Sword although I would love for it to shoot energy blades I’m happy because it reminds me of Yuko. Now wouldn’t you think that’s inspiring?

Buy/Rent Rent??? In this day with all the over made Marketing games? If you find it buy it. it’s just so worth it.

Rating: 10

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