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Reviewed: 04/19/01 | Updated: 04/19/01

A good old game that was best for 2 player...

Two Crude Dudes

This game was a blast! It was one of the best for it's time, and still worth a replay now! I remember you could pick up stuff like cars and throw them at your enemies! Basically you were two crude dudes lookin' fer trouble around the world. Now on to the review.


The graphics for Two Crude Dudes was top notch for its time. It had good detail, and good animation. It was some good eye candy for the time, but for most, it wouldn't be that great compared to today's market. So if you have a real problem with just sprites (No matter how well they're drawn) I don't think you would like this game.


The sound was average for this game, okay effects, music wasn't bad either. It wasn't as if this game need good sound or music anyway, the real treat was the gameplay.


Oh this was a good one! This was one of those games that you could play all night with your friend, and you wouldn't get bored. It was alot of fun, throwing cars and mutilating bad guys, (Or were they the good guys we were fighting?) and just plain havin' a good time. My only gripe about this game was the fact that you couldn't save it. Like many other games of it's time, you had to play strait through, with no breaks, well you could pause the game but it's not like you can leave it paused all night and start playing again (Not without seriously endangering your system anyway).


Sorry RPG fans, no storyline at all! Now usually I need a story to keep me going, but with this game I could make an exception. It had good enough gameplay to keep you going all night!


Can't complain here, not exactly complex controls ya know. It was basically your walk forward and thrash stuff as you go kinda game. Another problem arises here, as there is no backtracking in this game. If you just missed a cool object 'cause your friend inched ahead, theres no getting it. But the pro's outweigh the con's here.


Well thats all folks, a good 2 player game if you've got a couple of hours. I would recommend this game to most anyone, it's really cheap, and easy enough to get the hang of. So if you find a copy at Funcoland, Go for it!

Rating: 8

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