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Reviewed: 05/17/07

Nobody will like this review.

Shoot em ups are some of the most obscure game genres of all the different game genres. They usually take a lot of time before you can last more than a few minutes without dying. While you usually control a space ship or something similar in most of the shoot em ups, there are a few games where you control a human who has very destructive weapons. Trouble Shooter is one of the later.

The two main characters in the game is the pretty teenage girl Madison who has a great record of doing her job really well, and her blue haired partner Crystal. A prince from another country have been kidnapped by a terrorist group and the government have decided that it's Madison's job to save the prince to avoid war between the two countries. It turns out that the terrorist group also have a giant battle cruiser that can destroy almost anything, so Madison also have to take care of that.

The game play in Trouble Shooter are somewhat different from an average shooter. There are four different kind of special weapons that you can choose before you begin a new stage, they are as destructive as what bombs are in most shoot em ups. But you have unlimited ammo of this special weapon, it just needs a little time to charge between each time you use it.

Another thing that's original with Trouble Shooter is that you can change which side Crystal shall shoot at. This is really good if you want to be able to shoot enemies from behind, or if you want Crystal to work together with Madison and shoot a lot on the same enemy. Personally I wish that you could also change the side on Madison, since it's she who can get hurt.

You also don't die if the enemies gets one hit on you, in fact I think you can take as many hits as you want to if you just find enough heart ball that allows you to take one more hit. There are also a speed power up which makes Madison fly faster, and if you think she's to fast then you can pick up a power up that makes her slower (But why would you want to do that?). Finally there's one power up that makes your fire power stronger.

The difficulty is what makes the game not so fun to play. While the first stage is really easy, the rest can be really annoying. Enemies pop up everywhere and there aren't much room in the later stages. What's even worse is the scrolling in this game, sometimes you have no idea where to go and then the game scrolls so you get stuck in a wall and die. You also one have three lives, and that's on easy mode.

Another thing that I really miss about this game is that there's only one power up that makes your fire power stronger, and shoot em ups almost got to have a multi player option to be a really great game. Since you can't make Madison shoot in any different direction than forward, some places can be really annoying when all the games come from behind. I'm sure that any big fan of shoot em up games can enjoy Trouble Shooter, but if you are like me and don't have the energy to master the games, I doubt you will have much fun with Trouble Shooter.

Rating: 5

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