Review by LarissaTheZora

Reviewed: 02/05/09

I think "IMG" stands for "I Am Glitched". Seriously.

IMG International Tour Tennis is a EA Sports game released on the Sega Genesis. When you hear the name EA Sports, you think "Oh, it's EA Sports, so it has to be good!". But, you're wrong. This game, no offence, is probably worse than E.T. on the Atari; and that's saying a lot.

There were glitches everywhere; on the court, in the music, in the audio, and in the menu. Almost everywhere you turn, there's some frustrating glitch that prevents you from seeing right.

Graphics 2/10 - The graphics wouldn't be so horrible if they weren't so glitched. You can't see anything on the South part of the court; it's covered with crappy white blocks. So is the wall to the audience in the North. The tennis racket on the main menu screen is glitched up so that it's green looking, and the developers logo is differently glitched every time that you turn on the game.

Audio 5/10 - The audio is fairly good, but not as good as most Genesis games. The man announcing the score sounds like a man from a text to speech program, and there is only one song in the entire game; on the start screen and main menu (The same song!). The clapping and applause has static in it, as does the man speaking.

Gameplay 7/10 - However, if this game didn't have so many glitches to where you can't see sometimes, the gameplay would be perfect. The controls are great, and your movements and hits are perfect. This would have been a great game if most things weren't glitched up so badly.

Controls 9/10 - Although I never really got used to the Genesis' 3-Button Setup, I still think that this game has decent controls, especially for a tennis game. You can hit the ball 3 different ways, and each of them are pretty good.

Replayability 1/10 - I don't see how you're supposed to play this game the first time! There's too many glitches to play this game correctly.

Conclusion - 1/10 - Although the game has good controls and would have had good gameplay if there were no glitches, this game is just too hard to try and play. There's a random and different glitch every time you turn the game on, and some glitches stay. I wouldn't even have rented it back in the day! It's just not worth it, even though it's EA. Stay away from this game, please.

Rating: 1

Product Release: IMG International Tour Tennis (US, 05/21/94)

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