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Reviewed: 04/12/03 | Updated: 04/12/03

A snag while fishing is more fun

Today, I found my old Genesis, and I decided to play it for a trip down memory lane. I plugged in this game. BIG mistake. I remembered why I had decided to let the dust engulf this one.

This game is damn frustrating. It consists of two modes: tornament mode and practice mode. In tornament mode, you get money and you then have to go fish. You use the money to buy rods, boats, lures, reels, and lines. You then go out onto a lake, and you steer around your little boat. When a fish appears on your radar, which it rarely does, you are supposed to immeadetly hit C to anchor your boat. If you dont, then too bad, the fish are gone. When you are in the same area as the fish, you cast. You then have a top-down view of your lure and the fish. You drag around your lure, looking for the fish. This fish will bite about .5% of the time. More often, it swims away. If a fish DOES bite, you instantly go into this tough-to-use tension mode, that I have gotten to work ONCE. If you caught a trout, which it is 80% of the time, too bad. If it is a bass, the weight is added to your score. The higher scores gets you more money to buy better equipment.

In this game, there is supposed to be this high-and-mighty strategy, but there really is none. It really does not matter what kind of stuff you use, and everything is random, down to line snags.

There are other things that the game has, but it is just for show as it makes little or no difference. The game has added famous locations (erie, superior, huron, etc), time, wind speed, tempeture, different boats, lures, rods, lines, reels, and weather.

The graphics in this game are far from good. The water is murky, and the same color of the fish. The fish face in only 8 directions, so they kind of blink rether than turn, and they wiggle like parasites. Fish sprites have 3 sizes, and they all look the same, no matter the type. There are not enough doodads in the water. your lure is a green blob with a small yellow blob on top. The world map has graphical glitches. Only the tackle shop looks good.

The sound is also nothing great. The music sounds like this odd, cheerful, rednecky-techno-banjo mix. The actual game has few sound effects aside from the menu, and those effects are terrible. Not meaning to sound rude, I would steak my oath that the boat motor sounds like a multipopping flatuation.

Instead of wasting your fifty cents on this game, go buy a worm and fish for real. A video gamer such as yourself needs some fresh air once in awhile. If it is raining out, save your fifty cents for a candy bar and play the card game ''go fish'' instead. NO ONE will be able to stand this game in my opinion, unless you have the patience of a Tibetan Monk.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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