Review by Miss_Xander

Reviewed: 04/14/05

One of the most fun games on the Genesis

Despite the fact it's based on a cartoon, this game succeeds at being one of the most fun platformers that the Genesis has to offer. Although it's easy to see how it could be compared to platformers such as Sonic the Hedgehog, it has it's own original touches, and anyway, having similarities to Sonic isn't such a bad thing! It may not be the most original platformer but it delivers all the right elements that mean it never gets boring.

The main story is that you are Buster and you have to find some sort of hidden treasure. You play through the game saving your tiny toon friends from some mad scientist woman. The story is nothing amazing or unique but it doesn't really matter, the game doesn't really need anything deeper than this.

Graphics: 9/10. For a Genesis game, the graphics are some of the best. They are bold, bright and very colourful. Even now, I wish they made games with graphics that looked like this! They are very appealing. The environments range from being green grass and blue sky, to mountains, fire and ice. The game sprites are awesome. They look just like their cartoon counterparts and they are also very well animated. If you hate games with dull environments, and love to feel part of an intense, colour rich world, this is the game for you.

Sound: 8/10. The sound is not bad at all, the tunes are catchy and fit the whole upbeat feel of the game. However, the tiny toons theme is overused, and it can get annoying very fast especially in the first few levels. Either way you'll find the tunes stuck in your head. The background music changes with each world as you would expect anyway, so you get to enjoy different tunes throughout the game. The sound effects are simple and they sound good. Overall I personally enjoyed the sounds of the game.

Controls: 8/10. The good thing about the controls of this game are the fact that it makes use of all three of the main Genesis controller buttons! And the default setup for them generally feels the best too. C is jump, B allows you to slide whilst running (I'm not too sure what the use of this is yet), and A allows you to "use item" (which is basically to call a helper to kill enemies for you, I'll explain later). Personally I just love how it feels to control Buster. The longer you keep running with him, he'll start to run faster, and then you can jump to reach higher places that you might not have been able to before. There's also something you can do where you "bunny hop" off of the sides of walls to get your way out of a deep area. This takes a bit of timing with your jumps, but it's a nice skill to have. There's a lot of platform jumping in this game as you might expect, and you have to time your jumps to make certain areas. All in all I think the controls work well. Sometimes I think you have to press the buttons very hard to jump properly, but it may be because my Genesis controllers are getting very old and worn out!

Gameplay: 10/10. Above everything this is the main thing that makes this game so much fun, simply how it plays. The structure of the levels and worlds are great, you have five main worlds, each has a couple of sets of stages and bosses. I like the way the world is set out, rather than just going from level to level you see a map which you can progress along. This means you can also go back and do previous levels again if you wish. It's also a good thing because you can track your progression and see how far you are getting! Basically you play through the level, collecting carrots. When you have 50 carrots you gain a special helper (who is one of the tiny toons characters). You can then call them at any point by pressing A, and they will come along and kill all the enemies on your screen. If you don't need to use these it's useful because you get points for them at the end of the level, and the points can help you gain extra lives. You can also find Bells in the level which give you extra hearts (you begin with three and can have a maximum of five), and diamonds which make you invincible for a short while. The levels are great fun because they usually have many different paths you can take, and even different exits, and you can even find bonus levels. You'll spend most of your time in this game carefully jumping from platform to platform, avoiding spikes, jumping on enemies at just the right time and exploring to find extra hearts and lifes. The boss stages are pretty easy at the beginning, I haven't got to the later ones yet. You basically just have to jump on the mad scientist's head while avoiding attacks from your tiny toon friends whom she is controlling.

Overall this game isn't anything amazingly unique or original but it has all the right ingredients to make it a fun platformer that is easy to pick up and play. Great visuals, catchy sounds, interesting levels, a good life span, and basically LOTS OF FUN!

Overall score: 9/10

Rating: 9

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