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Reviewed: 07/09/03 | Updated: 07/09/03

A cute game, but it looks very familiar...

I first played this game as a kid at my friend's house and loved it because it was lighthearted and cartoony and hey, don't all kids love cartoons? So when I found it again at the local Gamestop, I bought it for old time's sake. When I turned on the game, and began to play through the levels, I enjoyed it as much as before, but one thing stood out to me the most--it was almost a rip-off of the Sonic the Hedgehog Series!
The levels look the same as Sonic's, complete with rolling hills, caverns, and oceans. If you remember any of the Sonic games, you will likely recognize large pits of spikes and bouncy platforms which either propel you to great heights or make you run even faster. Oh, that reminds me, take a look at Buster's swirling legs when he runs. Another thing, Buster has to collect carrots which are haphazardly scattered throughout the level, just like Sonic collected rings. Although getting 100 will not give you a life, you'll get a special power-up move that isn't really of much help to you anyway. And take a look at the bosses. They are Buster's friends, who have been reduced to mindless slaves by a mad scientist. Wasn't the evil Robotnik a scientist too? Hmm...
I won't ruin the last few levels for you, but when you get to the last couple of bosses, you'll see what I mean. They are remarkably similar to to the end bosses of Sonic 2. Or maybe it's just me.
Not bad for a Genesis game. All the Tiny Toon characters look like themselves, and the backgrounds are good-looking as well.

AUDIO- 7/10
Of course, the game includes the standard Tiny Toon theme song in a bunch of the levels, along with other original songs. They all seem to fit the level and mood pretty well.

STORY- 6/10
It is up to Buster to find the hidden treasure, hence the title of the game. Well, not the most original premise for a game I've ever heard, but playing the game is fun enough to make up for it. One thing though, what does that stupid mad scientist have to do with the treasure? She doesn't seem to care about it at all; she only cares about turning Buster's friends against him. Montana Max, however, is after the treasure. I wonder why he wasn't more involved with the boss levels than mad scientist lady was.

So, other than eerily mirroring parts of the Sonic series, this is a great game, especially if you like Tiny Toons. Just don't expect any real depth to the plot and take the game for what it is. The only real problem with it is that dreaded novel-sized password you have to enter if you feel like coming back later for more.

Rating: 7

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