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Reviewed: 09/03/01 | Updated: 09/03/01

The Genesis's Hidden Treasure.

Intro: So, just another game about a tv show right? No! THIS is the best liscensed games ever, and one of the genesis's best games ever, ranking second or third on my top games of all time! It is like even better game of mario!

Graphics:10:The Cartoony graphics fit right in to the gameplay. The characters are mostly all from the tv show, and you will recognize your favorites, like Calamity Coyote, Buster Bunny, and Roadrunner ( a kiddie version). The backgrounds are great, and the game is very colorful. The color and graphics really set the atmosphere, like in a dark cave, on a pirate ship, or in a piedmont area. Overall, the graphics are great and can rival many early PSX graphics.

Control:10:The control is great! It makes use of the ''A'' and ''B'' buttons but i am not sure about ''C''. You jump with ''A'' and if you start running fast, you can hit ''B'' to slide into enemys! Overall, fun control that doesn't make you remember many controls, and works great for a 3 button genesis controller.

Sound:10: The sound is awesome! Most of it (if you watch Tiny Toons) you will recognize it, like the Tiny Toons theme song. The music (like the graphics) helps the atmosphere and doesn't get boring quickly. When you fight bosses or after a boss fight the music is especially great then and never gets old. Overall, great music worthy of a great game!

Gameplay:10: This is the best part of the whole game! I do not really think the game has minigajmes, but it is so much fun they are not needed. After completeing about 3 stages, you go to a boss fight. The boss fight is very easy: In it, one of your friends is being controlled by the mad scientist. You have to jump on the scientist's head while avoiding your friends attacks to win, and it's very easy. The game can be completed within two hours yet you will soon long for more. You can collect carrots in the stages besides boss fights. When you collect fifty, you will get a helper, which is like a special attack. Your helper can be a little mouse all the way to a condor! They will hit all the enemies on the screen and they will die, which can be very helpful.

Challenge:5:The challenge is very easy, anything a six year old could beat. it will not take you long to beat iy and gaining extra lives is easy, but some stages need to be replayed. Sometimes you might (sadly) lose on a boss fight.

Replay Value:9: I guarantee you will play this atleast 5 times in your life, tiny toons fan or not.

RentBuy: BUY! If you see it, buy it! I mean, it's made by Konami for christ's sake!

Rating: 10

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