Review by Lion Heart VIII

Reviewed: 11/15/04

Tinhead is loosing his marbles

Tinhead was a game that I got for my birthday. I remember wanting it for a while and I finally got it. I took it home and played it for a couple of minutes. I WAS HOOKED!!!

Tinhead was definitely an overlooked title. The game sported many things that I have never played in a game before. Okay, so this is my first review. Expect things to be confused.

Gameplay 8/10: This game has wonderful mechanics and a unique aiming system. You can choose from three ways to shoot your metal...uh...round things. It does not, however, differ much from most sid-scrolling/action-adventure games. The game also tries to make playing as a robot more like playing as an actual robot in the sense that when you take damage, you take it in two places, your battery meter and your firing meter. You can find power-ups to make them go back to normal throughout the stage. I found this very cool.

Sound 10/10: The sound was very good. It did not sound like a Sega Genesis game, though I was playing it on a hi fi stereo. Any way, the sound was magnificent. The music fitted the levels and all of the sound effects were amazing.

Graphics 10/10: The graphics for this game were amazing. They look better than most Super NES games. The background was a pleasure to look at and even the enemies were made very vivid and colorful.

Replay Value 4/10: The replay value for this game isn't that great. Once you have beat the game that's it. No secret worlds hidden characters or vehicles. Playing through the game again feels like a chore and since you already beat the game you know where most of everything is. The only replay value you can get out of it is to use the password system to go to the levels that have the jet pack in it and ride it for an hour or six, I must admit, the jet pack is pretty cool!

Overall 9/10: I'd say get up and go get this game because you have nothing else to do, but it's 2004, which means most of you are playing Metroid Prime 2 or Halo 2. Heh, the ones playing that will probably never even read this review! Anyway, If you need something new and don't have this game, go to your local pawn shop, gamestop, ebgames, or your local flea market, and pick this game up! You'll love it till ya beat it! And that as they say is that...

Rating: 9

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