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Reviewed: 04/05/03 | Updated: 04/05/03

Tragicaly overlooked, Tinhead is a cliched platformer, but a good one.

The evil Grim Squidge has stolen all of the stars in the Galaxy, and now he's threatening to hurl everyone into the bleak Cosmic Void. Somebody's got to stop him, and that somebody is Tinhead.

This is a cliched plot, and of course we do not know why tinhead must be the one to defeat squidge. Accept this, and the fact that this is very much like any other platformer out there, and you have a great game.

When I was young, I really liked tinhead. The graphics are very good for the genesis, nothing is blurry and there is lots of color. The enemies and backrounds are very original, and good looking.

Even the sound is good. Tinhead has the kind of soundtrack that you would find in a space shooter, techno with a beat. Even sound effects are good. Everything is clear, and it does not make your ears sore after listining to it for a long time.

Gameplay is the only cliched thing: a platformer hero stopping a villian by going through many enemy infested side-scrolling worlds. The enemy variety and originality is refreshing, though. Items, powerups, and veichles are all included and should be given thier due respect.

Tinhead himself looks like a cross between Vectorman, Mario, and Final Fantasy's vivi. He has this dome-like head that opens up and shoots a grenade ball. This is where the game is very original. Along with health, you have battery power. This affects the amount of grenade balls you can have on the screen. While playing, You have to toggle between 3 modes of fire. You can shoot diagonally up, at eye level, and you can create bouncing shots that kind of roll along the ground. While this is original and fun, it is also annoying at times.

This game is very challenging. Scratch that. It was very challenging when I was young, but I was young and I have not played since my genesis broke a few years back. If you are around nine, this will be challenging around world 2 (this game has 4 worlds divided into 3 sections each). I am not sure what it would be for 10 and older, but it will provide you with a challenge later in the game.

If you still play genesis, look under the couch cushion. You see enough money to buy this game right there. Go ahead, get it, it is fun.

Rating: 8

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