Review by ysm ihanzo

Reviewed: 09/08/04

Doesn't get worse than this...

It seems as though the developers of Time Killers thought "Hey, let's make a fighting game where you can cut off body parts, don't worry about the gameplay because the concept is so damn good no one will notice!". Well when Time Killers was released in arcades, people ignored it. For some odd reason a Genesis port was made several years after the arcade release.

Graphics: The arcade game was far from a spectacle, but it was respectable. The Genesis version doesn't even try. The characters are so small, choppy and floaty its unbearable. The levels are one dimesional. The whole game looks completely like a Nintendo brawler. Everything is so 8 bit I want to grab the developers and smack them.

Music/Sound: ????? If I wanted to smack the developers for the graphics, I want to crush their heads for the music, if you can call it that. Keep the volume LOW!!!

Gameplay: AHHHHH!!!!! This is a mess. I'm not even going to get into the play mechanics because it just isn't worth it. If you thought the arcade version controlled bad, wait till you play this junk. Slow, slow and slower. Controls are completely hit or miss. The simplest moves are impossible to pull of. The fact that you can rip body parts off is probably the only positive aspect of this title, but if you can overlook the heinous gameplay because of this feature, you really need help.

Overall: Time Killers gets my vote as the WORST GAME ever. It's an ugly mess that should be forgotten for all time. It also infuriates me that a developer can think they can pass this off as a finished product because of their obvious underestimation of people who play video games; obviously we are brain dead sickos who just want to cut arms and legs off. This game should have never happened, and I think I'm writing this review just to blow off steam from playing it ;)

Rating: 1

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