Review by Oolada77

Reviewed: 09/06/03

A dollar short and a day late...

Ah yes...Time killers... amoung the first bloody fighters to roam the arcades back in the early 90's, and I do believe it had the blood and killings before mortal kombat did. But even having the blood, severing of arms and heads, that could'nt even make this a better game.Please keep inmind that I have not played the arcade verision of this game, just the sega verision so with that said... On with the review...

Storyline 2: Same old storylines as almost every other fighter game, some bad guy (death) wants to unbalance the forces of good and evil...blah blah blah... Not really a interesting storyline.. next!

Graphics 2: While only one background caught my attention (the cavemans background with the severed dinosaur head in the back drop... is pretty cool) The rest of the backgrounds were dull, uninspirring and looked like they were drawn by a 10 year old. The characters themselves were dull, and only the guy with the chainsaw stood out as being anything different then the rest.

Sounds 2: Okay......though it is nice to hear a fighters name announced or hearing a scream or 2 outta a dieing opponents mouth, Sega should have just skipped putting any voice in this at all. Granted we all know the genisis machine had difficulty with the whole speech thing, but come on....Just awful! and the music...gessh..a few dings and dangs here and there..nothing at all remarkable about it.

Gameplay 2: OH boy!!..the meat and the potatoes of a game, but unfortuantly this crop went sore the mintue the seed was planted. Almost all moves for every character were the same, and the computer oppentent is ten times faster then you are, before your even half way throw the battle, You'll have lost 1 or 2 arms, and then your head..literally... Very cheap attacks on you, where as you'll be luckey to have even pulled off 1 attacks without it being blocked.

Closing statment:
Time Killers probably would have been a hit or perhaps recieved more attention if it had been released on the NES. There it may have had an excuse for being bad..but releasing it after MK1, street fighter 2 and all the other 16 bit games, time killers never stood a chance. Perhaps if the company had invested alittle more time into the game play it may have done better but they did'nt and thus, time killers will forever be doomed a bad sega game. It is hard to believe that at one time this game sold for 49.00 bucks.
Interestingly enough, a sequeal type game to this was released in the arcades sometime later and was called ''Bloodstorm'', though I have yet to play or for that matter find a bloodstrom machine, I would not be certian that it is any better then this.

Rating: 3

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