Review by Hiryuu

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

An average port of a horrible arcade game

Mortal Kombat did so much without even trying. When Mortal Kombat was released with its fatality moves, other companies wanted to emulate the success with ultra gory fighting games of their own, usually to minimal success. However one game remains at the bottom of the heap and that game is Time Killers. And when it was ported from the arcade to Genesis, well, it only got worse.

The big "innovation" that Time Killers had over it's competitors is that you could hack off an opponent's arm, both arms, or even his/her head. Of course, nobody is gonna tear off a limb in mid combat bare handed. Each combatant was from a different time era, and they each had their own weapon. There was a caveman with an ax, a knight with a sword, a street punk with a chainsaw, some space woman with a light saber, etc. By swinging their weapons, the fighters could chop off their opponent's arms. Of course, if both of someone's arms gets chopped off, they can only run around and kick. Also, if you pressed three buttons at once (I think that's how you do it) you'll do your "super move" which involves chopping off both arms and the head of your opponent. This obviously ended the match. This move wasn't very well thought out however, and it could be preformed at the beginning of the match, ending it instantly.

The graphics are nothing spectacular. The game looks dark, and the graphics look even darker. The sound isn't that great either, and the "speech" will drive you nuts. This all just makes a bad game worse.

I'm sure many people who bought this game were very disappointed. Instead of getting an even enjoyable game, they got one of the worst fighting games of all time. Don't play this game, don't buy it, don't rent it, just stay away from it. However, if you do have a table with a short leg, this game COULD come in handy, but if not, just stay away!

Rating: 2

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