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Reviewed: 04/05/03 | Updated: 04/05/03

The game is okay, and one of my fondest memories for the good'ol Genesis

The terminator 2 arcade game is one of the all time favorites, and I still see it around in arcades in '03. The genesis version is a good adaptation of the arcade version, but it fails in some categories.

The good things about this game definitely outweigh the bad. The game has a great replay value, and you do not have to keep pumping coins into the machine. This is probably one of the best genesis shooters.

The graphics in this game are terrible, but great for the genesis system. They are slightly uglier and fuzzier than the arcade version, but they still look decent. There are no major flaws in this area.

The sound in this game is also great for the genesis. The music is not terrible, just not memorable. The game shines, however, in sound effects. The guns, explosions, and cries of pain sound great and there are actually a few voice samples (and you can understand what people are saying!).

If you have played T2 before, you know that the gameplay is strong. It is a shoot-em-up, but this was one of the first games of its kind to have your character move, and also one of the first shooters with bosses. You do not control your character’s movement, but you do get variation in background and side-scrolling. The boss characters range from giant androids to robot tanks, and there are many different characters to kill. You have 2 types of weapons, rockets and machine guns, that you use. Machine guns shoot bullets at a high rate that slows down with lots of use. This is fair, but slightly annoying during bosses. Rockets are much more powerful than the machine gun, but you only get about 25 per level. You also have teammates in some levels.

The story, if you do not know, is very good. This game is based on the movie, and it holds that story together well. The story in brief: Evil robots take over the world. There is a human leader named John Connor that can destroy the robots. You must prevent this man from being killed.

This game has a fun 2 player mode, which is the same as one player except for a friend covers your back.

The one thing in this game I was not too fond of was the control. Shooters like this are tough without the remote-control-gun-thingies. You face 1 screen, and you use the D-pad to move a cursor around. Sometimes it is too slow, and sometimes it overshoots your target. I hate this method because there is one level that I would swear was impossible to beat without guns.

If you still play genesis, and you liked the terminator movie, pick pick up spare change for a few days and buy this. (last time I saw this game, it was $1.20).

Uh… cliché time… Hasta la vista, I’ll be back. (Sorry, I HAD to get that one out of my system)

Rating: 7

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