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Reviewed: 07/14/01 | Updated: 07/14/01

An average shooter with some good and bad points

Boy it was a while back when this game was released for the Genesis. The insanely popular arcade shoot-em-up had come and gone, yet there were those out there who protested never releasing a version for a system. Compatible with the genesis gun that came with Lethal Enforcers, this game had a lot to live up to. Actually, the game plays similar to Lethal Enforcers. Overall, the jest of what you must do is shoot shoot shoot. You must kill everything in your path and hope that you didn't make Skynet mad. Its almost a matter of luck if the Skynet cronies hit you, as I have for no apparent reason dodged the oncoming gunfire. This game is too easy in that regard. The story progresses the same as the movie. Probably the game's strongest point is when you are forced to blow away a helicopter from a vantage point directly on the side of a speeding car. Its pretty impressive at some points. However, the game suffers from redundancy and ultimately suffers from graphical problems. The fact is the game has little to no replay value. I was unfortunately unable to play with the gun so I would highly recommend finding a gun before playing. Lethal Enforcers is overall a better game, but this game does have some strong points. Here are it's stats.

The game is like Lethal Enforcers also in the style of graphics. It mixes camera stills and cheap animation to make a mixed bag of graphical goodness. Sometimes the graphics will make you laugh. Other times you would wonder if you were playing a Playstation. The game still shows it's Genesis roots, though. There is no escaping 16 bit graphics.


Oh my goodness. The music is HORRIBLE. DO NOT LISTEN TO IT. UGGGGGHHHH IT STINKS!!!! But the sound effects are good.

Sound: 3/10


Like I said before, this game is a mixed bag. The gameplay is somewhat generic. You have played this before and probably don't want another one of it's kind. You just shoot, reload, repeat. Oh, and occasionally you shoot an enemy multiple times because he's extra bad.

Gameplay 5/10

Overall this game is a generic shooter based on an interesting movie. If you loved the movie, you may want to check it out... but dont buy it. No, never buy it. Instead, look for that wonderful game ''Point Blank'' for Playstation. The game has more replay and is ultimately a better game.

Rating: 5

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