Review by The Manx

Reviewed: 08/05/04

Another 2-D fighting game. Yay.

You probably wouldn't think so from the low score I gave this game, but I used to be completely obsessed with the ninja turtles. Leonardo used to be my favorite, then Raphael was. I even had a button that said "My Hero: Raphael." In retrospect that was incredibly geeky, but here I am reviewing a game that came out late in the original lifespan of the teenage mutants' popularity, the Genesis version of TMNT: Tournament Fighters. One in an endless string of one-one-one, two dimensional fighting games, which the 90's didn't have nearly enough of.

The manual says something about Krang cloning the turtles and kidnapping Splinter, so our boys in green get pals Casey Jones, Ray Fillet, April O'Neil (somehow suddenly a mini-skirted kung fu vixen), and some bug guy named Sisyphus I don't remember owning the toy for to help the boys in green get the big cheese back. Not that a story has ever mattered a lick for this kind of game. They all boil down to this; some people decide to get together and beat the tobacco juice out of each other and nobody on our side of the screen really cares why. TMNT: Tournament Fighters, Genesis edition, is no different.

So you have to beat up a bunch of clones of your friends with two moves and a taunt that doesn't do anything and doesn't sound like anything the turtles would ever say. If you can even tell what its supposed to be, by the way. Each character has a couple special moves accomplished by mashing a sequence of buttons and rotating the control pad, but the Genesis controller wasn't meant for games like this and it shows. Moving and fighting is awkward, which I would understand for April, but not lifelong students of the martial arts like the turtles.

The graphics are dang good for a Genesis game, with the turtles, fighting places and everything rendered very nicely. But pretty graphics don't float when anchored to previously mentioned awkward control, as well as lousy sound and cheap enemy AI. Pass this game and go straight to the Super Nintendo version, even you die hard teenage mutant ninja turtle fans.

Rating: 4

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