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Reviewed: 12/30/99 | Updated: 12/30/99

A classic piece of software, but it didn't get the recognition it deserved...

Okay, this is my first review for a game, so plese don't complain about spelling mistakes, and other things like that.

This is one game I once rented 4 years ago, and I never forgot it.

The story goes as follows: The heroes in a half shell are watching TV (among other things), when suddenly it scrambles up and Krang appears, saying he kidnapped Master Splinter, plus has created evil clones.

So now the turtles, along with 4 friends: Ray Fillet, Casey, April, and Sisyphus, are off to Dimension X.

Now onto the game:

The graphics are gorgeous, great, lush animation, combined with some of the most awesome fighting backgrounds ever seen on any game. Just look at that Mirage Planet, beutiful.

The gameplay is your average fighting game, that only uses 2 buttons on the genesis, technically. The A and B buttons are for punching and kicking, and the C button is for yelling out a taunt (Mike "That's a laugh", April "C'Mon baby").

The sounds are above average. The usual punch souynds and the taunts sound very nice.

The music is where the game really shines. Such awesome composed tunes... all which we're executed quite well. The best we're probably the Ocean, Bio, and Mirage themes. I can't really describe em', you have the hear them to see what I mean when I say "Awesome".

That about sums it up, yeah sure, we got 64 bit technology today, but you just can't beat the classics.

If you still have a genesis and managed the find this gae, buy it as soon as you can, or if you have nothing better to do, download the rom, you won't regret it.

Rating: 10

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