Review by Frostmanblues

Reviewed: 05/03/07

This game proves that clones are evil and cheap

At last, the quest is complete, the prophecy fulfilled as I finally got to play the final installment of the Tournament series, the Sega genesis version. And even if it pains me to state so, this game was the most lackluster of the three; even the NES version was a lot more playable and enjoyable than this cartridge chockfull of cheap shots and innate storyline.

However, I had hope with the inclusion of Casey Jones and his detonators, I've would’ve gotten a snowball's chance to make it through.

I found out that Casey himself would get caught in said bombs he planted. I think the hockey mask was too tight to devoid him of common sense.

Gameplay- 6

The game plays and feels obsolete although the controls are responsive enough to let you block. The CPU here is merciless; it will take advantage of its 3-button settings to repeat cheap shot after cheap shot to leave your character of choice seeing stars after just 2 or 3 hits. It doesn't help much the fact that you get to choose your character's strength and speed here, it seems the setting just don't apply when you get beat by the "clones" for the millionth time with an instant replay setting to add humiliation to your defeat. The special moves, although interesting to see, are really uninspired. How many variations of a fireball can there be here?

Graphics/Sound- 4

I give props to the ingenious and bizarre look on each stage, I m not sure just where anyone got their inspiration from it, but I will not start assuming anything about it. All I know is that the color palette used here hurts everything shown, and the colors are ugly variations of neon and crap. Some stages like Futuristic City are well detailed, reminded me a bit of some Sonic the Hedgehog stages.

Gargled voices spitting absurd insults at you don't really work here, and neither is that there is a button to taunt either.

Story- 1

Yeah, there's a story around here, and it makes no sense whatsoever. Splinter gets kidnapped by some ugly-looking ninja turtles which he quickly notes aren't his pupils. All the while the real deal is doing the couch potato while watching the tube. Out of sheer coincidence, Krang's disembodied brain interrupts their programming, and lets them know he has Splinter. Should they want their master back, they will first have to go through his cloned versions of themselves AND their friends, all waiting on a different planet to do battle with’em.

If your head hurts by now, you are not the only one. Needless to say, Shredder may've been too busy to bother creating another loser plot to get their attention, and Krang must've slipped by collecting the drool of dead brained turtles to get the DNA samples while they were watching TV. Did I mention April and Casey Jones drop in just out of the blue to help, along with two other characters many have never heard of before? Guess what? THEY also have been cloned and you must fight them as well!

Oh, Krang you crazee!

Replayability- 3

I simply couldn't take being beat up by the very first character I encountered here, no matter how many times I continued or how many times I kept setting the difficulty level, this game was just unplayable. There is no love for the Sega version, being that it strayed far too away from its own fan base, and the care of those who likes the franchise. There is no reason to try and play this game again.

Final Recommendation- 1

I am not sure if even the hardcore fans could buy this game, and if they had, there must be a peculiar explanation about it. If you want to have all of the Tournament series, then that is fine, but playing it it's just too much of a headache to even bother. This game is just so non-cowabunga.

Rating: 3

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